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“What they’re saying about MarketPower”

"Joel is one of those rare people that can match business strategy with creative marketing, and truly understands the challenges of being the owner of a company. Work with MarketPower, and you'll get 'off the fence' and great things begin to happen."

Todd Miechiels, B2B Search Engine Consultant

“As you know, your team’s direct mail piece was tested against another direct mail package we had developed elsewhere -- yours pulled three times the response.”

Nancy Payne, Direct Mail Manager

"You've produced one of the best-organized programs with the best advertising that I've ever seen."

            Jimmy Barron, DJ/radio personality
99X (WNNX-Atlanta)

“Excellent! Awesome! Outstanding!”
These adjectives describe the ProtectPlus marketing materials recently distributed. Keep up the good work!”

Jay Beck, Group Sales manager
Canada Life

VOICEMAIL MESSAGE   (used with permission):

“Hi, Joel this is Julia, I just wanted you to know that the direct mail has begun to hit....Norfolk is going nuts, people were lined up outside the retailers, waiting for them to open at 10 to get their AirChecks. It has been unbelievable. I know that in Nashville, some of the retailers were almost out of AirChecks. So I wanted you to know that people are reading the direct mail...and that Customer Care has been getting a steady stream of calls since the campaign hit a week ago.  It’s just going like gangbusters! Talk to you later. Thanks....

Julia Anderson, Marketing Manager
Contel Cellular

“On June 1st one of these administrators purchased a $14,000 sourcing program...then spent an additional $3,000 to upgrade it. He received our marketing letter, which he said immediately persuaded him. We’ve received over 40 response cards and have already brought in over $36,000 in Sourcing, FYI.”

Lauren Dreyfuss, Marketing
Physician Sourcing & Search

Nice job!  You’ve produced a really a stunning ad, and it will definitely stand out in the Book of Lists. Thanks!”

Sonya Moste
AGL Resources (Atlanta Gas Light)

“Thank you for the outstanding job on our debut marketing campaign...it accomplished all the goals we set, and more. We received high praises from AT&T, who said we had “shamed” them with the originality  and attractiveness of our promotion. All we can say is that every bit of the praise belongs to you. Put us on your “Satisfied Client List.”

Susie Stockholm, President
The Stockholm Companies

“...You’ve produced what we all feel is the best ad ever written for this product.”

Steve Buoch, President
Lifestyle Video

“Every professional sells you on their competency via their portfolio of accomplishments for clients, or by professional recognition. But in a professional you don't just want to pay for their product, you want them to connect directly to your business so they produce the results you are paying for.

Joel analyzed our organization and understood from an objective perspective that although we wanted to expand our business, from a capacity standpoint we were not yet ready to handle an increase. (Otherwise it would be a waste of our marketing dollars, since even if we gained new business, we’d likely deliver a poor quality product.)

By Joel refusing to market for us before we were ready (working with us on strategy, positioning, and building infrastructure), he proved to me not only his ethics, but also his professional competency.

He was unwilling to sell his services to me although his fee would benefit him. He is focused on benefiting your business, not his. This is the highest compliment I can pay — he is a true professional.”

Gregg Frank, Managing Director
Robinson Rabinowitz & Bernstein

"You've created a comprehensive and successful campaign...your humor, organization, creativity, sense of focus, diligence...your talents are admired and truly appreciated."

             Chana Shapiro
             Cong. Beth Jacob

“Perhaps the only thing more rewarding than hiring someone on the gut instinct that they have what it takes to play on your team — marketing savvy, creative excellence, strategic prowess, commitment
— is discovering two years down the road and many projects later that you’re still as sure of your decision as you were when you made it.”

Randi Drinkwater, Advertising Mgr.


“We’ve got some good news! In the first two-and-a-half weeks we’ve received a 37% response rate, and the renewals are still coming in. This is a phenomenal response rate.”

Stacy Williams, Account Executive
The Kilgannon Group

“You’ve created a major problem for us.  The direct mail piece that you did for [our client] did so well that we had to hire extra temporary help for a larger-than-expected response.  We didn’t even run the newspaper space ad you developed, the response to the mail was so good.  It’s kicking tail!”

Ken Sandridge, President
Maris West & Baker

“MarketPower’s Joel Alpert is a truly creative person with a flair for the unexpected.”

Bob Stone, Stone & Adler
Industry expert, author of the “Bible” of Direct Marketing,
Successful Direct Marketing Methods

“I’ve been working in the Direct Marketing for more than 10 years and must say I was VERY impressed with the results of the AdAnalysisSM we commissioned through MarketPower. The feedback Joel provided on our direct mail packages was very insightful and led to a number of new ideas and strategies that we’ve never thought of before.  If you’re considering bringing in a professional to audit your marketing materials, I highly recommend using Joel Alpert and MarketPower. It’s a small investment that can really pay off in a big way.  Joel completely exceeded our expectations.”

Cris Jerden, Creative Director

Coverdell & Company

 “I find your mailing pieces well thought out, well-written, and well-designed.”

Ed Burnett, President
Ed Burnett Consultants
Direct Mail industry expert

“Just received a phone call from [the client]  at American Cyanamid with the news that Avenge is almost 30% over budget.  This is particularly significant because Avenge has not made budget in over five years. You put together a great campaign for Avenge and you should take the credit.  You deserve it!”

Lisa Larson, Account Supervisor
West Wayne


“The Conference & Exposition On Interactive Marketing you developed for us was the most successful event that Atlanta has ever produced, in terms of program, attendance and profits.  It even exceeded the results of most national AMA events. And the  strategic marketing and advertising campaign that MarketPower produced was exceptional. Thank you so much for your strategic and creative talents, and incisive, dedicated leadership.”

Toby Bloomberg, President
American Marketing Association

“I have been speaking for nearly a year in cities in the US, Canada, England, and France…and although everyone responds with the same emotional reaction to my talk, nowhere has a community been so organized and motivated for immediate follow up as in Atlanta — and all the credit goes to Joel for organizing the impossible.”

Itamar Marcus, Director
Palestinian Media Watch

“Your session on direct response offers and creative was the hit of the National Professor’s Institute. The content and your own creative presentation style made for a very entertaining, informative and beneficial session.  'When Joel speaks, everyone listens'  — and learns! You play a critical role in direct marketing education.”

Laurie Spar, V.P., Direct Marketing Association
Direct Marketing Educational Foundation

Please Note: The results achieved for other clients may not be an indication of results that we can achieve for your business. Every client’s starting point, customer experience, and resources, as well as definition of the scope of work performed, are different and affect results.


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