Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding brings you and your company personal branding, LinkedIn profile, and specialized LinkedIn Workshop on how to use this remarkable tool more effectively.

A specialized service of 

Your Personal Branding is critical -- and you must crush this business first impression with a strong LinkedIn profile, resume... we can tell you how to develop strong digital branding presence.

Your Personal Branding

Are You Crushing It With Your First Impression?

Atlanta Personal Branding Consultant Asks...

"All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand

called You."

– Tom Peters in Fast Company

Joel Alpert of Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding is noted as a LinkedIn Profider "Best Of" expert in branding.
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Video testimonial about Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding workshop, tells how much this experienced internet marketer gained in just 30 minutes of our LinkedIn Seminar in Atlanta

What are people saying about Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding?


How about an unsolicited video from a workshop attendee, who went out of his way to record his review and post it on YouTube...

Not making a strong first impression with your Personal Branding, Resume, and LinkedIn profile?


Why have a LinkedIn profile, if the reaction you get is…


"Oh, sorry, I just fell asleep reading your profile."

Or:  "I didn't get why your capabilities were valuable or any different."

Or:  "I never found your profile. So this note doesn't exist."


LinkedIn is the world's biggest business watering hole — If your personal branding isn't strong, you're losing opportunities … business… connections… and credibility! 


This is not FaceBook. This is business.

Businesspeople, recruiters, reference sources and anyone else will look you up on LinkedIn... either in a LinkedIn search, or when they make contact from other sources (including your resume/ CV).  And you want to get found… stand out among 500 million others… and differentiate yourself with content and presentation. 

94% of recruiters and businesspeople go to LinkedIn to start or complete their search!


You must be found in searches online. or clients and headhunters won't know you exist.


Your LinkedIn profile must present you clearly... personally... and it must express an array of attributes, skills, values and more.... helping you stand out in this online digital environment. t's also got to be distinctive in content and graphics.

In the online world, you are your digital presence.. 


Don't let this sit on the back burner. Opportunities come and go.

Decide: is it time you level up?


“When I spoke with Joel about being frustrated in my job, he encouraged me to “reinvent” myself and focus on sales in a new way (my role at the current company was mixed). He said new “personal branding” would significantly change my LinkedIn profile and resume. I resisted for a while, and finally said “let’s go.”

“Two weeks later, based on his work with me, I had an interview with the CEO and CFO of a remarkable new business in my field — they thought my LinkedIn profile was so strong that they didn't even ask for my resume until after the 3rd interview. I got the job, with a significant raise. And I’ve since expanded my career, based on that new direction.  

“Joel is very knowledgeable about the world of LinkedIn. Great attention to detail and outstanding customer service. I absolutely recommend Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding."                               

— Ginger King

Community Relations Director

Orchard Senior Living

This is the second time I've worked with Joel, and with very strong results, My business has evolved and grown, and Joel has helped me make a strong presentation on LinkedIn. Joel is not one of those "produce just anything" people... he makes sure things are done well, and has a variety of skills, including consulting with smart recommendations, creative design, writing, and coaching. I strongly recommend Joel.

— Abi Nadoff

Commercial Construction Management

We developed ths LinkedIn profile for an expereinced managment consultant.
yehudah-susson-mobile -MPO.png
This LinkedIn profile we developed gained this experienced healthcare practitiooner a role on a cable TV show
Atlnta LinkedIn Personal Branding features specialized career coaching, from defining jb focus (icluded in your package) to hihly-effective more comprehensive personal coaching sessions to expore options and "digitally" make good business and career decisions.

Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding:


What's different about the work we do?


We work with a different professional skillset help bring out your distinct capabilities. We help you get found. We help you have impact.

That helps you…

  • get a better position or a raise.

  • Gain new clients, vendors and partners.

  • Build your professional network more effectively.

  • Gain professional credibility, and more. 

We're not a "LinkedIn Mill" or "resume shop" with quick formulas and templates. Our work with you is personalized, start to finish.


We talk with you,using advanced consulting skills to bring out your real-life capabilities and business interests..


We figure out how to present your key benefits more strongly. Because we know your professional life depends on it. 


How will Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding help you level up your professional business presence?

We'll help your digital presence go from "half asleep"… to energized.

Some tools we'll use:

  • smarter consulting  to help you with with specialized branding skills and consulting training to focus on what you want to create

  • personal branding — consistent across your resume and online profile

  • expert linkedin and resume writing skills — not just listing your latest job, but crafting the nuance of the copywriting to support your new goals

  • customized LinkedIn header graphics  — and balance the design to work on the desktop and mobile versions of your profile (and we can develop additional online media and graphics that help accelerate your efforts)

  • integrated thinking and marketing — bringing you experience from our consultancy, known for producing effective, ward-winning branding and marketing communication 

  • optional coaching on producing content, developing contacts, communications etiquette and techniques, interviewing practice,  executive  branding and communication packages, any guidance and advice you may want, and more. 

You don't have to let this sit on the back burner.

Decide: Is it time you level up?

LinkedIn prfile devloped for IT executive and technology consultant.
ALIPB has developed LinkedIn profiles for executives, mid-level maangers, andpeople re-entering the job market.  We've worked wih a range of creer nterests including IT, no-profit, projct management, health and wellness, sales, and more.

Personal Branding: We've worked with…


We've produced connections and results, and level-up careers, for people in a wide variety of specialized fields — including management consulting, IT, sales and business development, TV personality, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, project management, accounting, non-profit, inventory liquidation, logistics management, technical sales… first-time job-seekers, and people re-entering the workplace.

The LinkedIn profile we produced got fast results for a senior living sales and marketing executive in just 3 weeks.

This headhunter found our client quickly via the LinkedIn profile/Personal Branding makeover we did.


But the CEO who found her profile interviewed her before he even saw her resume... and hired her.


This headhunter, connecting our client to a new position, found her a week after we posted the new profile. She was also found by a CEO at the same time who interviewed her based solely on her LinkedIn profile. He didn't even ask for a resume until the 3rd interview. She was offered an exceptional, leveled-up new position, and is now crushing it.

We have lots more success stories, ranging from people starting their career, re-entering the job market, reinventing themselves during the era of constant change, leveling up.

5 to 7


We can help you reinvent
your Personal Branding — from consulting to professional content, profile (and optional resume/CV). through graphics and posting....
usually within 5-7 business days.

That changes everything
in your digital footprint.

Rush service at a premium, as available.


Atlanta LinkedIn personal branding expert says a strong profile isn't an option…it's essential​. 

✔️  Vital for professional credibility, no matter what work you do

  • Professionals

  • Executives

✔️  Get found by business prospects (or be invisible)

✔️  Get found by headhunters (or be invisible)

✔️  Develop your digital branding, so you can present your professional capabilities in the marketplace

✔️  Get a better job within your company, or raise

✔️  Network and gain valuable business advice


`"I thought I was the LinkedIn Queen, until I worked with the obvious king, Joel Alpert. Definitely picked up some advanced pointers in his workshop that I wouldn't have known otherwise and have already put into practice today. That was money well-invested in my career.”         

 “But then a year later I went back to Joel and asked him to “do the impossible.” I wanted to get hired as a TV personality on a cable TV program, and had some “unrelated” TV experience hosting a weekly yoga program on WAIB (Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters). He did my “Personal Branding” for my entire career, holistic health and wellness, and including my special goal of being a TV personality. They found me, and I started working on that TV program 3 weeks after he changed my profile! Joel is amazing!”             


-- Dr. Amy J

Wellness Expert/TV Personality

“45 days ago, I had about 300 LinkedIn connections and really did not understand how to use LinkedIn as a business tool. But I took Joel Alpert's LinkedIn Seminar and learned a bunch. Today, at 3:28 pm, I got my 1,000th Connection!! Thank you, Joel. You rock, too!!"                           

— Russell Longcore

Digital Marketing Expert


How can we help your company tap the power of LinkedIn?


Customized Company Pages and Team Profiles ... targeted lead generation ... digital content and marketing…

LinkedIn Digital Branding & Marketing For Company Executives and Sales Teams helps companies gain engagement, build business relationships, and ultimatly build sales an growth. Ourcustomized pograms cn cover inkedIn content, advertising, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn company page, and other key tools you may use to networ and build sales. We also provide Social Media Maangement focused on LinkedIn.



With a range of tools as digital branding and LinkedIn specialists. we can create a customized program to get you up to speed quickly. 

  • Customized Executive Packages combine reinventing your personal brand, fresh new profile, contact material for next steps, integrating with your position and the company offerings

  • Full Team Branding —  individual profiles, all within the context of your company branding

  • Company Page - LinkedIn Brand Presence... why it needs to be more, and less

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator for a deep dive into powerful lead generation programs

  • LinkedIn Content Strategy

  • LinkedIn Social Media Management — LinkedIn Posting & Blog Content — we'll manage your program, or train your team

  • LinkedIn Advertising — you mean we could show up in a B2B context, and sell our services on competitors' pages? 

  • LinkedIn 1-to-1 Marketing and Team Skills

  • LinkedIn Coaching

Our LinkedIn Workshop focuses on building strong profiles and building networking relationships has been called "the best LinkedIn seminar in Atlanta." It is available privately to companies, trade associations and other private groups.


This channel is coming soon!

What are people saying about Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding's profile workshop?


How about an unsolicited video from experienced internet marketer who did the workshop....

Atlanta LinkedIn Workshop brings "more practical information than I've ever gained about LinkedIn," one of our participants reports. We cover personal branding, being found on LinkedIn. how to network effectively, what kinds of blog content you should post, LinkedIn etiquette, and much more!
Atlanta LinkedIn PersonalBranding

Bring the unique and exceptional Personal Branding Profile Workshop to your company or organization

​"LinkedIn: Turn Your Profile Into

An Effective Business Tool… In Just One Session!"

LinkedIn is the undisputed online gathering place for business — and this unique workshop allows you to easily add value to your own organization, and as host of the program for clients and prospects.


The 3-hour workshop — during the day or evening — will give businesspeople dozens of practical tips that will revolutionize their LinkedIn presence.


We developed the fresh content for this workshop to give you maximum impact — it includes personal branding, profile development, active or passive networking… content tips… getting found more easily… company profile… plus a few special ALIPB insider secret tips.


How do you benefit when you host this private LinkedIn workshop?

When you host an Atlanta LinkedIn Workshop by Joel Alpert it provides the host company with…


  • a workshop that has great practical value for your business, and your executive and sales teams

  •  a remarkable opportunity to provide a service for your own team, clients, prospects, referral sources

  • .promotes your organization as engaged with them, offering useful personal services...and your sponsorship provides them with lasting value​​

  • Can be customized to your learning and networking interests. ad can include followup coaching and accountability.

Ask for the "private workshop pdf".....

Secret Workshop Tip


Too good to publish here.  If you have a bona fide interest in this workshop, we'll show you how companies and organizations can gain interest, build business... and have the workshop pay for itself or make money!