Our specialized business and marketing services help you build a stronger business

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  • Empowered Branding and ReBranding... with PowerBranding and PowerReBrand you gain proprietary thinking tools that define... align.. and focus your sales and marketing. Integrating a smart fresh company brand around your products and services. On hour website, social media profiles, sales collateral, and everywhere else.

  • Your powerful Strategic Action Plan — this is business strategy with an action plan — no boilerplate,  no static checklist, no blah-blah-blah pontificating. It's an action plan with steps your team will understand, to help you do your best work, sell more and grow

  • Your level-up website — yes, we'll give your site a fresh, new look, but we'll make fundamentally valuable changes. When we're done, you'll have strategy, architecture, content, design and production that really engages your audience...converting suspects > prospects > customers

  • PowerCheck (sm) — Fast, definitive consulting and assessment, with recommendations. Includes Digital Business Analysis, can result in boosts of efficiency and profitability; we look at your business direction, brand impression, basic sales & marketing tactics/processes. We can place primary focus on: 

— business, branding and marketing overview, starting with your website 

— advertising, social and and promotion    

— customized to meet your needs

  • Expert Copywriting. No kidding, words matter.... award-winning business communications across a range of styles and applications, corporate to conversational

  • Product/Service Consulting  so you can meet prospect interests...sync with your company branding...develop engaging User Experience...and gain maximum value from your products & services

  • Ad Agency, Developers, Management 

  • Consultants  Support — we become a seamless part of your team, white-label or transparent, providing expertise, value, and an expanded team for your business 

  • Business Process Automation — If your business is growing, and your technology is not keeping up, we can shift that for you. Could be CRM, a customer dashboard, KPI reports,, online appointments, customized real-time sales process…integrate this with strong strategy, branding, and marketing, and you'll actually see the results faster!

  • Custom Teams -- the right team to maximize smarts,   efficiency, and real value  for your company, including outsourced strategy & marketing, and steady monthly program support   

Services: The Mega Yada-Yada

We won't bring this mega-list to your party — think of it as a expanded menu of ideas and options we can help with, to energize your company's business and marketing.
The choice of tools and how you integrate them is a big deal. We'll help you figure that out.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Refresh
Brand Management
Brand Story
Branding Video
Company Startup
Company Name
Product Name
Services Name
Product Development Consulting
Services Development Consulting
User Experience
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
LinkedIn — Personal & Company Profiles
Retail Store Design
Non-Profit / NGO
Environmental Graphics
Distribution Marketing


Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications
Part-Time Marketing Director
Website Design (including strategy & architecture)
Creative Direction
Advertising & Marketing Copywriting
Digital Marketing
Print Marketing
Email Marketing
Direct Mail Campaigns
Direct Mail Production
SEO — Search Engine Optimization 
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Branding
LinkedIn Marketing
Linkedin Executive & Personal Profiles
FaceBook Branding
Social Media — Repositioning Posts
SMS Marketing
iBeacons (available soon)
Digital Marketing Communication
Marketing Automation
Lead Nurturing
Drip Marketing 
Branding & Marketing Stories
UX/UI — User Experience / Strategy & Architecture 
DRTV — Direct Response TV
Direct Response Radio
Content Strategy
Content Marketing / Blogging
LinkedIn Connections
1-1 Marketing to high-value prospects
Investor Presentations
New Business Presentations
Brochures & Collateral
Print Advertising
Digital Marketing
Trade Show Booth
Trade Show Marketing
Operation Manual
Branding Manual 
Banners & T-shirts
Advertising Specialities
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing
Annual Meeting Concept
Event Promotion
Event Management
Online Banner Ads
Marketing Videos


Strategic Consulting

Business Strategy

AdAnalysis Report Card

BrandAnalysis Report Card

PowerBranding Strategic Action Plan

New Business Development

Business Presentations

Outsourced Marketing

Company Startup

Digital Business Analysis


Brand Refresh

Focused Blue Sky Ideation

Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Product Enhancement

User Experience 


Operations & Management

Executive Coaching

Executive Publications & Presentations

Developing CTA/Offers

Digital Decision-Making

Go/No Business Decisions 

Product Development

Strategic Partnerships

BusinessAnalysis Report Card



Targeted Marketing

Digital Marketing
Database Marketing
Email Marketing
Direct Response Marketing
Direct Mail Copywriting & Design
Direct Mail Production & Efficiencies
Dimensional Marketing (3-D Direct Mail) 
Direct Response Television (DRTV)
Direct Response Radio
1-1 Relationship Marketing 
LinkedIn Business Development
Drip Marketing
Guerilla Marketing

And doing new things

we've never done before!


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