UPDATED: August 24th

Coming up, Sunday October 7th

3:30 to 5:30pm  Free

Mark your calendar now fo a special class brought to our CERT Toco Hills community.

Stop The Bleed


A special program to deal with bleeding, these are life-or-death skills. It only takes a person a short amount of time to lose a liter of blood, and that may be fatal. Even some lose can have huge health impact. 

The course includes hands-on demonstrations in which attendees practice traumatic care of putting on tourniquets, applying pressure to slow bleeding, and how to pack a wound with materials available.

Beth Jacob Atlanta

1855 LaVista Road

Conference Room

Want to review key CERT ideas at your own pace... maybe fill in some gaps... I've discovered a great tool:


My advice: don’t just “jump to the answers….but slowly ready and “picture” the scenario…consider the question fully before jumping to answers (the answers won’t be there in real life!).

Note: different “study/learning/quiz formats, see “Options (bottom left of screen) 

Major Disaster Emergency Simulation Drill

scheduled for this Sunday, August 26th‼️

🔥+🤕 + 🚒 + 🚔 + 🎒

Please commit and plan on having an extraordinary experience, that has been specially scheduled for us, helping you practice your skills.

Sunday August 26th , 2018

12:00 noon until 2 or 2:30 PM

3161 Warren Rd

Decatur Georgia 30034  <<  ADDRESS CONFIRMED

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to overview

of the program, and registration details


Atlanta Jewish Time story on the Toco Hills CERT program

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Super-Session 5:   Sunday, March 4th


Our "Double Session 5" is a Super Session which actually covers  3+ modules in a crazy time-efficient format....


...see "How To Plan Your Time Sunday's Super Session," below


[FLEXIBLE PART OFTHE SCHEDULE — please come close to 1pm if you can, so we don't get crunched up if everyone comes closer to 2pm near the start of the classroom session.

Firefighting Practice with Fire Extinguisher

Thomas and the CERT team are bringing the fire to us, with special training equipment. Don't miss this... it's valuable to you...it's quick to do... and CERT/Thomas is making it happen for us at our location, because we asked for it, saving you the trip to Tucker. (Also, FYI, this is usually taught by CERT as an independent session.)


Since we're rescheduled this and have added other modules,  this may not be a graduation requirement... it's included in other CERT trainings,  you don't want to miss this! 

(This part is only for registered CERT...but you can bring your family and kids, friends, or puppy to watch!) 

Gas & Electric Shutoff — Mini-Module Tour 

Why is there a metal wrench in your CERT Emergency knapsack? You'll find out why, and how to use it  between 1:15 and 2pm. Thanks to Michael Barnwell for letting us use his home next door for this demo. Short mini-modules (guessing this will take 10+ minutes per tour)..."last tour" is 2pm to 2:15pm.

2:30 Double-Session 5


Tactical Communication (Special Verbal Judo module)

Autism Awareness (Special Module)

Graduation — distribution of CERT Photo ID Card, Certificate,   

Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt, and Emergency Backpack

Group Photo

You may invite your friends or family to Sunday's class modules on Tactical Communications and Autism Awareness 

How To Plan Your Time For Sunday's Super Session

Some ideas about getting the most out of Sunday's Super Session, with our adjusted schedule.

Tour + Chilltime:  Your firefighting setup and activity happens quickly... so please come early, and get your firefighter experience in early.  If you can come at 1pm, or close to it, that'll help spread out the group and make sure everyone gets a chance to do this.


Then chill onsite ...you'll have some free time before the sit-down part of Sunday's class...bring your laptop, yep we got wifi...do one of the Mini-Module Gas & Electric Shutoff tours (see above)...read a book...yack on the phone...bring a sandwich and watch other people do the fire thing in the sunshine… enjoy some conversation with your fellow CERT people...take a walk (forecast is sunny in the mid-60's)... until class starts ...or come do the firefighting close to 1pm, leave and come back at 2:30pm.

3️⃣1️⃣1️⃣  Atlanta Emergency Updates:  This is an option to Code RED....this system interfaces with multiple city agencies. Sign up for alerts, just click:  https://www.atl311.com/

🗝  MAKEUP SESSIONS: Make sure to use the current MASTER SCHEDULE posted on this page.

🥤  "Refreshments"

-- Session 1: thanks Simone & Gidon Sobol, and Yuisa Gail and Larry Sutton

— Session 2: thanks Pam Lowe 

— Session 3: thanks Chanta & Clara Whitlow

— Session 4: thanks Gail & Neal Mandelbaum; Bev Fermon, oranges

— Session 5: thanks Bizhan Afrah 

== FAQs == 

Sessions Dates 

      Jan 7   ✔️ Double-Session 1

        Jan 14 ✔️ Double-Session 2

        Jan 28 ✔️ Double-Session 3

        Feb 4 🏈  NO SESSION. SuperBowl. 

      Feb 11   Double-Session 4   

                🔦 Search & Rescue

                    👁  Terrorism Awareness (specialized content added!)

      Feb 18  🇺🇸  NO SESSION — Presidents Day Weekend

      Feb 25  🌀 NO SESSION —  Purim Parade & Festival

      Mar 4    🎓 Fire Extinguishing, Gas & Electric Shutoff, Verbal Judo, Autism Awareness

Make-Up Sessions Location:

DeKalb Fire Rescue Headquarters

1950 West Exchange Place

Tucker, GA 30084

(it's near NorthLake Mall, just outside I-285)

Austin Paige


Austin Harris


Q Want to do your own CERT program?

We will help you set up your own program at your synagogue, church, school or elsewhere. We will share our experience on how to make this simpler and successful....feel free to be in touch with Joel Alpert from this initiative for guidance on setting this up successfully, or directly with the CERT folks (their contact info is on this page). 

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More about the national CERT program, developed by FEMA, on Wikipedia:



CERT-TocoHills is FILLED to capacity. We encourage you to join other sessions put on by DEMA (see this page)...or we'll help you start your own, get in touch.

Please use this form to contact the CERT-TocoHills team.

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All original content © 2017 — 2018  Joel Alpert / MarketPower, Atlanta, GA.


All original content © 2017 — 2018  Joel Alpert / MarketPower, Atlanta, GA.