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Strong and innovative strategic thinking changes everything. Let's step back from short-term reactions to address issues and build!



Transform your business impact with insightful branding that articulates your products & services better. Let's engage your marketplace!


Smarter Communications

Ideas resonate with people. And stronger marketing approaches deliver your message. We'll help you spark engagement and sales!

Our Serious SuperPower:  We integrate unique forms of stratagy, branding, and marketing using an innovative thinking process that empowers your business!

Another Serious SuperPower

We uniquley combine innovative and "MarketPowerFul" strategy, branding, marketing and award-winning creative communications, using an integrated thinking approach that "connects the dots" and empowers your business!


Strong and innovative strategic thinking changes everything. And the level-up approach we use drives all our specialized services.


  • Business Strategy — not a binder that just sits on the shelf. We work with you to define your direction and design a dynamic, do-able Action Plan to chart a clear path forward

  • Brand Foundation focused on marketplace needs

  • Marketing Strategy merging brand and sales

  • Issues & Opportunities in any area of the business, beyond "problem solving."... beyond "stuck"… maximizing potential

  • Product & Service Development or Refinement, to better meet the needs of your target audiences

  • Consulting & Coaching


Strong and innovative strategic thinking changes everything.

Strategic Thinking


Transform your business impact with insightful brand identity — way beyond just graphics. Our unique PowerBranding articulates your brand and focuses on engaging your marketplace.

  • Company Name, Logo & Tagline, to start your powerful brand impression

  • Service & Product Development, fine-tuning the substance, branding and presentation

  • Level-up website so your prospects don't need to go elsewhere

  • Customer experience that sets the right tone for doing business with your business

  • Integrated sales materials, and more.

Built on strategy and designed to move your business forward. Branding Or ReBranding.

And ReBranding


Smarter Communications
& Direct Marketing

Spark engagement and sales with our award-winning big ideas, copywriting, and creative direction. Without "disconnects" from your strategy & branding.


  • Ideas resonate with people. Nuance means getting the idea just right. High-level business, brandnig and marketing communication  to playful social media

  • Tap qualified leads & sales with smarter marketing communications and focused programs, from website to sales collateral

  • Empowered content, Company brand content across mediaVideo, Presentations, Cross-Sell Programs, Print, Guerilla Marketing

  • Capitalize proactively on your database and Social Media, with our Certified Direct Marketing expertise with digital integration — go outbound on your schedule with higher engagement using targeted email, direct mail, LinkedIn…

Targeted Marketing
MarketPower:  "Energize your Branding and Marketing!"
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Hi, I'm Joel Alpert… Chief Lightbulb at MarketPower. We're a unique business resource providing specialized strategic, branding, marketing and business services to SMEs/ SMBs

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Bottom Line
photo of a wide row of SouthStar Awards, presented for the combination of business strategy, creative marketing communicatios, and response results


We don't just "do stuff"……we do stuff that works.

Our smaller consultancy is designed to focus on fewer businesses… to produce bigger results. 


And if you've hired various "Digital Marketing Agencies" at high monthly fees… with low quarterly results… you might want to try our approach.

We bring you practical, profitable, "MarketPowerFul" deliverables, such as…

  • real strategic insight, using smarter, more efficient thinking tools — capitalizing on opportunities, addressing issues, strategic planning, decision-makng…

  • bullseye branding or rebrandingthat really differentiate your business in the marketplace

  • fresh effective website that goes beyond new colors and hero image — to engage and convert your key audience(s) based on their buying motivations,

  • recharged Products & Services… Offers/CTA's…refining the offerings, buying process, and delivery so your customers really want to buy

  • level-up your customer communications so they engage & cross-sell… so your customer experience and back-end really energize your business

  • "tools of the trade" driven by our consulting process, to add value to your business — ideation, problem-solving,  blog content and social media, brochures and sales  collateral, presentations, customer journey mapping,  LinkedIn marketing, communication audits, cross-selling, much more……

We build a stronger business foundation, empower sales, and engage your prospects and customers

We work with you to energize the business.

• • • • • 

Coffee cup lid... and it represents business strategy, branding or targeted marketing consult that will change the way you look at your SMB or Fortune 500 company or marketing program.
Grabba Cuppa…MarketPower!

This high-value consult will address your interests. Provide valuable insights using a breakthrough consulting approach. And help sort out your plans and potential next steps. 


In-Person or Virtual. It's more than a pitch. It's yours, with our compliments.


THE FINE PRINT Let's make this conversation count. Before we talk, please take 15 minutes exploring your interests on this site (even if you've already heard great things about MarketPower). Our unique perspective is guaranteed to add value to your thinking… and we'll gain more from our conversation.

You're buying — dark with no sugar

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