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Expert copywriter services deliver impactful results across media, channels, industries

Words matter.

Images, too.

They inform.


Every kind of business and marketing communication has different needs for copywriting content and style. Every company is a little different.

This expert copywriter has developed breakthrough marketing communications across media and channels.

Websites. Advertising. Social Media. Investor Presentations. Direct Mail. Other Direct Marketing media, Self-Mailers, 3-D dimensional mailings, Postcards. Video. Personal contacts. Direct Response TV & Radio. Digital Marketing, Trade Show Booths and Marketing. Proposals. T-Shirts. Blog content. Billboards. (Did we miss something?)

And all is driven by powerful strategic and tactical thinking you just won't get elsewhere.

Lots of our copywriting has won significant awards. SouthStar (DMA/DMMA). John Caples Awards (DMCG). Golden Flame (IABC). Addy. These awards have been earned across categories —  B2B, B2C, NPO.

Your messaging needs to have defined objectives and accomplish them. And your words (and images) must form a marketing communications "concept" that gains engagement and is in synch with your business strategy and branding.

Here are some examples of our copywriting expertise.

“MarketPower’s Joel Alpert is a truly creative person with a flair for the unexpected.”

Bob Stone,

Stone & Adler

Author of the “Bible” of Direct Marketing,


“...You’ve produced what we all feel is the best ad ever written for this product.”

Steve Buoch, President

Lifestyle Video

“I find your mailing pieces well thought out, well-written, and well-designed.”

Ed Burnett,


Ed Burnett Consultants

Direct Marketing Industry Expert

"Joel is one of those rare individuals who is adept and successful at both strategic and tactical marketing. He has the ability to analyze a complex marketing issue or problem correctly and proffer smart recommendations. He is especially good at implementing successful action plans with very strong creative work that wins awards for results. I've hired Joel, and recommended him to my clients."

Scott Hample, Director Of Marketing

TMi Marketing

"As you know, your team’s direct mail piece was tested against another direct mail package we had developed elsewhere -- yours pulled three times the response.”

Nancy Payne, Direct Mail Manager


"I have to say I am wowed by Joel’s branding program and web copy. I think Joel and very talented. So funny. So original and creative. His results were extremely valuable to our film production company.”

Scott Italiaander, Principal


"You’ve created a major problem for us. The direct mail piece that you did for [our client] did so well that we had to hire extra temporary help for a larger-than-expected response. We didn’t even run the newspaper space ad you developed, the response to the mail was so good. It’s kicking tail!”

Ken Sandridge, President

Maris West & Baker

“By the nature of our business, we don’t get a huge number of responses on any of the material we send out... but your group’s work is doing so much better than anything else we’ve done.”

Sharon Tanner, CEO

Jackson Liability Solutions

A word about our words...


We have worked with a wide range of copywriting projects and campaigns, and have taught these in custom workshops.


This includes Brand Development copywriting, designed to synthesize the essence of your company's brand identity. Website copywriting and Digital Marketing, such as email, retargeting, landing pages, drip marketing campaigns, and more.

Other writing categories? Direct Response — also known as Database Marketing and Direct Marketing — with high impact direct mail a programs, both flat (2-D), and dimensional mail (3-D). A remarkably wide range of  brochures and collateral, signage and billboards, and just about any other medium you can name. This has been for SMB and Fortune 500, and everything in between.

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