Atlanta ReBranding Consultant asks:







"Its not that we need new ideas...

but we need to stop having old ideas."

— Edward Land, Co-Founder Polaroid

"I like that quote, but we need

new ideas, too!"

— Joel Alpert

"We are too busy mopping the floor…

Atlanta ReBrand Consultant presents two key questions:

Why Rebrand?

And why PowerReBrand?sm

You probably should plug into the nearest power outlet now — because if you're thinking about rebranding now, there's a good chance your strategic and communications power has been needing a recharge for a while.

You haven't done anything wrong.


It's a natural need. 

Shift happens.

It's natural for your business, your competitors, and your marketplace to continually evolve. And your business and branding revolves around up-to-date product/service offerings... with customer experience that demonstrates you understand their interests... and clear, compelling marketing communications. 

ReBranding gives you a chance to do your best work, so you can compete more powerfully! Even if you’ve been in business for years. (Especially if you've been in business for years!) 

What is a good rebrand?

A good rebrand is when we put fuzzy business, branding and marketing into focus. What's changed in the marketplace? How has your company evolved since the last brand refresh? Have you figured out better ways to offer your product or services…or do you need to?


What needs to change in your business or marketing? Why do your prospects buy? Why from competitors? Why from your company? Why do they say yes, and what does it take to move there?


Would adjusting the substance and presentation of your product and service offerings be stronger? Do we need to have a fresh new look? And can we work to move your sales process towards... more sales?

We're not asking these questions randomly. They come out in our working process. And that vital reboot unravels what has gotten off track -- or never was fully on track.

And when you do it well, you light up your business and its relationships.

And if you did this... don't you think it would make your business more productive, efficient and more profitable? 

"…essentially reintroduced us to our Brand. He worked with us on strategic thinking, research, and helped us create a meaningful tagline. Equipped with this superior brand identity, we are now moving with confidence to redesign every element of the Brand. Our future is indeed brighter."

(See "They're Saying...") 

Is brand development profitable? Blog post reveals the real dollar value of branding.

CEOs and CFOs quite fairly ask...


"Does branding have a business case behind it?"

Why invest in rebranding?


The dollar value of branding: “The intangible element of the combined market capitalization of the S&P 500 has increased to around 80%, compared with some 30% twenty years ago, and is likely to grow even further as tangible distinctions between businesses become less sustainable.

The brand element of that combined market value amounts to around one-third of the total, which confirms the brand as the most important single corporate asset.”

—  “Brands And Branding” (Bloomberg Press)

Click Here for some more financial perspective on the real dollar value of branding...a blog post excerpted from "Brands And Branding."

Why ReBrand?  Because you don;t want to kill your best prospects!

Why Rebrand? Because you don’t want to kill your best prospects!

How to think through your company branding or rebranding -- insider branding and rebranding tips.

SECRETS of Branding & ReBranding (Part 2)  No-Slip Tips  & Sparks For Smarts

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