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Turn your business switch to "on"

We help you build a powerful foundation for your business growth. And that goes way beyond a nice new logo and photos on your website,


We should start by focusing your business, products and services, sales and marketing., using proprietary thinking tools.  This will have major impact on your website, social media profiles, sales collateral, across your selling programs….

We brand and rebrand established companies, dvisions. programs and events…and startups. So people say "Yep, I want that…"


Plug in!


Action Plan 

Business strategy on steroids 

This is business strategy designed as an action plan — no boilerplate,  no static checklist, no 3-ring-binder babble.


Whether we look at your entire company, or focus only on marketing communication, we build an action plan with steps your team will understand. To help you do your best work, sell more and grow.




Marketing Communication.

Gain level-up thinking and execution


Do words matter? 

Hell, yeahIdeas resonate with people.

Creative ideas, writing and visual approaches that are focused on the customer and producing business results help you engage and convert more powerfully.

Nuanced marketing communications — ideas, visuals, copywriting — means getting the execution just right, to match the target and purpose of the program. Any medium and channel. We produce effective, award-winning work — digital, print, direct response, presentations, customer experience, business communications, and more.


With style to match the kind of engagement your audiences want — conversational or formal, dead-serious or entertaining. 


Do it half-assed, and you get a mediocre result, at best. Do it well… and you engage your audience and crush it! Do any of your programs deserve less?

We don't just "build a website." Your cousin's teenage kid, or an offshore developer on UpWork can do that for you at lower cost. So what do we do? We build sites designed to build your business.

Your website is not a commodity. You will invest much more of your team's time in business development/ sales/ marketing than the cost of the website itself. Do you really want to work hard at building your prospect pipeline, only to lose them when they're not engaged by your site? 


We'll bring out your best thinking, and ours. We'll make pivotal strategic recommendations. We'll give your site a fresh, new look. And we'll make fundamentally valuable changes to engage your audience, and help you sell.

Turning engagement into > Suspects > Prospects >  Customers.

PowerCheck (sm)

Tap a definitive business and communications audit

Fast, definitive consulting, assessment, and recommendations, to help you boost focus, efficiency and profitability. Completely flexible, short-term smarts.


We look at your business direction, brand impression, basic sales & marketing tactics/processes. Spo you can adjust and move powerfully forward.


We can place primary focus on:…

— business, branding and marketing; strategy and communications content

— website strategy and content

— advertising, social and and promotional "concepts" and marketing programs

— business processes   

— review and tweak your marketing communications... before you put it out there!

— direct response marketing programs 

— product and service analysis and improvement

— customized to your needs

So many companies are "just doing stuff" in the digital arena, and not producing much. We'll help you think through and your digital efforts strategically, It takes a while, and you want to be on the right path.


We'll help you get your branded product and service messages out there, and bring inbound leads your way. We work to engage your audience  And shift prospects into customers. via Email. SEO. Content Marketing. PPC. Retargeting. And with offline marketing such as direct mail and phone.


We may develop Social Media Strategy, new channels or refine them, broader-reach or targeted approaches, with a variety of tools. Customized to your business, and how we can produce the highest impact.  Working with your team or ours.

You get to call the shots with Direct Response Marketing — you go directly to your customers to gain targeted engagement, leads, sales, capitalize on Social. Primarily using email and high-impact direct mail. To existing or new channels we develop. 

Did you know that when your prospect holds a piece of direct mail n their hands, they engage 10X more neurons than when they scan on a screen?


We bring you certified Direct Marketing expertise, and experience at the world's strongest DM agencies, for 

targeted outbound lead generation.

Got a vexing business issue breathing down your neck?

  • Business strategy. Marketing strategy.

  • Strategic thinking to address key business issues

  • Executive and team coaching.

  • Definitive decision-making support.

We add value and efficiency for executives and your full team.

Strategic Thinking

Executive/Life Coaching...Team Coaching


Energize your products & Services 

We work with you to think through the value of your existing products and services, — and help you make them stronger. So you can meet prospect interests ... sync with your company branding...develop engaging User Experience...and gain maximum value from your own offerings.


Our recommendations have made impact with improvements to products… changes in the way services are provided… and repositioning.

We use a variety of strategic thinking tools for PowerBoost, including Structural Dynamics Consulting, UX Design, and Product Development thinking.

PowerUp Ideas!tm

 We'll develop new ideas and thinking

We help you develop your products, services and ideas from scratch, or help move them forward.. Established 

companies and startups.

This is most frequently applied to Product or service development.... and customer experience design. It can also be a part of the process for developing business organization and leadership., and organizational change.


We use an flexible mix of valuable thinking tools, usually in combination, including... 

  • our remarkable Structural Dynamics Consulting Process

  • Product Development Design Thinking, with ideation, examining our "thinking premises'... hypothesis,  assumptions and risks

  • Wireframing and Visualization 

  • Investor-oriented visualizations and presentations

Sales & Investor Presentations

Present your company in a bigger way

A half-baked presentation won't do.


Gain clients faster with stronger Business Development. Gain  investors faster, with stronger presentation of the business and its potential.

Including One-To-One customized presentation, to win that gotta-have prospect. And we'll even help you present, if you like. 


We hit the bullseye with content, style and efficiency in the process — because we take better aim, using sharp consulting skills and processes.

LinkedIn Profiles, Connections & Marketing

Connect with new leads and sales

Your prospects and customers will look you up — or people like you — on LinkedIn. Will they find you… and what will they find? 


Be found by people who are looking for your specialities. Boost your personal and company branding. Connect directly with qualified business buyers and collaborators, and funnel them to your website or directly to you..

We can provide expertise on LinkedIn prospecting and marketing, company page, content strategy, specialized social media management, LinkedIn advertising, 

company-sponsored profile workshops, team coaching,

Business Process Improvement.

Work more efficiently, with better tools

If your process or technology is not keeping up your growth, our team can shift that. Could be deconstrucing a business process, and reconstructng it to work more efficeintly. Or to pass on specialized knowledge an employee has gained.


On the tech side, this might include CRM, customer dashboard, project management, integrated team scheduling, KPI outcome plan, online appointments, UI-UX, customized process or customer visualization tools.


Integrate this with strong strategy, branding, and marketing, and you'll be able to identify what works best, measure results, and work more efficiently!

We become a seamless part of your team, white-label or transparent. Providing expertise, value, and an expanded team for your business.

We work with top ad agencies, management consulting

firms, design and web development folks... if you're looking for a quality partner... let's talk.


Whether you're in a Fortune 1000 C-suite corner office... or a specialized consultant running your own business... you might want to try on the completely different kind of executive empowerment we call PowerCoaching.


We'll use our consulting superpowers to help you think through any difficult issue… make clear decisions… boost your effectiveness and achieve your goals in business or personal life.

We coach and support your business where you need it. Strategic Thinking. Brand Management. Outsourced Marketing Communication. Content and Content Strategy. Executive & Life Coaching. Training your staff, and working with them to help execute our plans. 


If you work with multiple agencies, or buy "gig economy" projects we ensure that the money you save is not disjointed — that it is balanced and integrated… that it fits well with your overall strategic direction. 


We work in all kinds of executive support roles — process improvement, production efficiency, vendor vetting — providing real value in many ways  for your company. 


30-Minute  No-Obligation  Conversation.

Grab a cup of MarketPower.!

What do you want to  create or tweak?

  • ​Level-Up Website?
  • Product Development?
  • Business Process?
  • Executive & Team Personal Branding?

We might outline some smarter thinking, or fire up our Digital Business Analysis for you.

In-person or virtual.

At very least, we'll help you sort through your next steps... and maybe grab a chocolate croissant…

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