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Uncommon insights on business, strategy, branding, marketing,  personal branding… patterns that work and don't work… Whac-A-Mole, rubber bands, The Matrix, The Simpsons, Blazing Saddles… & soup.

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Be Ignorant!

Strategic & branding consultant Joel Alpert says "It's good to be ignorant!" Really? What could you possibly gain?

Joel Alpert of MarketPower presents strategic thinking approach he's calling "Be Ignorant!" to produce better results in business strategy, branding, marketing, management, and all areas of the company; introduced by Stephanie Richards of Sowgrow Marketing Council
Joel On Zoom - Structural Tension_edited

Joel shares strategic insight which has major impact on brand development, business strategy, and marketing communications.

Presented to a group of experienced marketers, Invited and introduced by Stephanie Richards from the SowGrow Marketing Council, this video blog is a challenge,

testimonail regarding why "ignorance" is good! (first)
testimonial regarding why "ignorance" is good! (4th image)
testimonial regarding why "ignorance" is good!
testimonail regarding why "ignorance" is good! (second image)
5th image - testimonial regarding why "ignorance" is good!
T-Shirt Tales


T-Shirt Tales tell stories that T-Shirts can’t tell themselves


We developed the international event theme, "Get Out, Eh!"... but I never expected what was out there! The guy who looked like he was about to fall off the cliff showed me…

FilmTribe was ready for a big powwow in the New Hollywood … and our branding and tagline became one of my all-time favorites…

DOUBLE TALES!! EarthTeam96 partnered with Georgia Games at GA Tech's stadium  to promote our program... I ran out in the  rubberized Captain Planet suit in front of 15,000 people, and the next thing I knew…

It's not every day that you get a chance to present something on the world stage, but EarthTeam96 created that opportunity, and...

What stories do your T-shirts tell?

Talkin' Rubber Bands

A Quick Interview Excerpt With

When asked about his favorite book during an online interview with Mohammad Bashir, Joel noted a key principal from this breakthrough thinking: Structural Tension. This describes how to navigate the path you can take to achieve your goals.

newspaper cover that says press release

Joel Alpert, MarketPower's Chief Lightbulb, was the primary interview source for this syndicated article on reducing "techno-babble" and communicating meaningfully. It was distributed nationally.


Click here to see the article

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