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Joel Alpert of Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding is noted as a LinkedIn Profider "Best Of" expert in branding

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You may be interested in actively looking around… or "keeping your options open." (A whopping 85% of employees are doing that in 2024!)


You may have current opportunities to grab. As an employee… in the gig economy… or both.


They likely are searching for your skills right now. 

You want to be credible and focused.

You may "just" want to connect and network in your career…

We can help you reinvent how you present yourself and your capabilities.

When we've finished your personal branding package… you might be surprised to find out just how terrific you really are

That changes everything.

5 - 7

APB&C Workshop

"All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc.


To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You."

– Tom Peters in Fast Company

Why Do This?


Atlanta Personal Branding expert says a strong LinkedIn profile and resume isn’t an option… its essential.
Since 94% of recruiters and businesspeople go to LinkedIn to discover talent… will they find you, and will you make that vital, strong first impression?


According to DMR Stats Gadgets, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet job and business candidates.

Another  survey by recruiting software company Jobvite, shows 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a key part of their recruiting efforts. 

This is not FaceBook. This is business. 

Why even have a LinkedIn profile, if the reaction you get is…


❓"Oh, sorry…I fell asleep reading your profile."

❓"I didn't really get your capabilities."

❓"I never found your profile."  (So this note doesn't exist!")

LinkedIn is the world's biggest business watering hole.  Recruiters and contract employers use LinkedIn as their source, then they dig into your resume. 


If your personal branding isn't strong, and if it doesn’t differentiate your capabilities… you're losing opportunities … business… connections… and credibility!​​

mockup of a resume/cv, part of personal branding
thought and thinking brain art
  • All-About-You (TM) consulting, using unique and powerful approach to discern and articulate your best selling points.


To have your audience find you and engage their interest, we execute this personal branding (your "positioning" in the marketplace) via your LinkedIn profile and resume:

  • LinkedIn Profile based on the consulting work, so your can be found, and engage the interest of people who want to hire you. Written produced on lne, with graphics.

  • Resume based on the consulting work, that helps you be found, and get past the electronic applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

To get a new job or clients, you must have 3 key business tools

You need to work with 3 business components, which help you get found, gain interest, and get hired:

1) Strong Personal Branding.  If the positioning and  content isn't spot-on, don't bother..


We discover and articulate your best talents, and "position" you for your chosen work —this makes all the difference… and our consulting skillset and objectivity brings this out in breakthrough ways. 

This focused consulting and content is used on both your resume and your LinkedIn profile. How's yours?


2) Strong LinkedIn Profile — they'll never see your resume unless you flag them with your LinkedIn Profile. These days. almost all recruiters for full-time and contract work source their candidates via LinkedIn profile. 


Your LinkedIn profile needs the right content, laid out so their algorithm can find you, so you get onto a shortlist when people search for your specialities. Your content and personal brand "positioning" — how we talk about you — is vital. And some graphics are needed to differentiate your profile quickly. Is yours strong?


3) Strong Resume — This is the foundation of any job search, and most contract work. It's got to be strong, and it's got to be "scannable" by the client's applicant Tracking System (ATS)… or it will never be seen..

- - - - - - - - - -


Note: Are you a consultant in the gig economy, and don't have a website,? We can create a different type of profil that works like a website,  customized to your work.

3 Tools Needed
They're Saying

Only 2 days into working on our Personal Branding program for a Director-level physician — we got this text message…

A few weeks later, signed up with a higher salary, bonus, perks… He said: "Thank you, I am so fulfilled 
in my new job." 

image of chat, from successful personal branding program with lnkedin profile, developed by atlanta presonal branding and coaching for physician director; a service of marketpower


“When I spoke with Joel about being frustrated in my job, he encouraged me to “reinvent” myself and focus on sales in a new way. He said new “personal branding” would significantly change my LinkedIn profile and resume. I resisted for a while, and finally said “let’s go.”

“Two weeks later, based on his work with me, I had an interview with the CEO and CFO of a remarkable new business in my field — they thought my LinkedIn profile was so strong that they didn't even ask for my resume until after the 3rd interview. I got the job, with a significant raise. And I’ve since expanded my career, based on that new direction."


— Ginger King

Community Relations Director

Orchard Senior Living


This is the second time I've worked with Joel, and with very strong results, My business has evolved and grown, and Joel has helped me make a strong presentation on LinkedIn. Joel is not one of those "produce just anything" people... he makes sure things are done well, and has a variety of skills, including consulting with smart recommendations, creative design, writing, and coaching. I strongly recommend Joel.

— Abi Nadoff

Commercial Construction Management


Why APB&C?


Alex Ogunkoya Web profile on LinkedIn
LinkedIn profile Alex Ongokoya
LinkedIn laptop view of client profile for senior living services developed by MarketPower, as part of their personal branding
LinkedIn Mobile view of client profile developed by MarketPower, as part of their personal branding, with header graphic
LinkedIn website view of client profile developed by MarketPower, as part of their personal branding, this for information technologist and project manager
LinkedIn Mobile view of client profile developed by MarketPower, as part of their personal branding


We're not a "resume mill" " or Your Friend's Cousin Who Knows LinkedIn. 


No quick meaningless formulas, templates, or relying on AI  — hiring managers and business prospects want to know your unique capabilities, and we work with you to discover and present your best talents and accomplishments.


No other service has this combination of skills to help you build a stronger foundation faster. To discern and present your distinct capabilities, we work with a special "Swiss Army Knife" skillset 

  • unparalleled personal consult with you — we'll work together to discover and describe your key capabilities 

  • help you get found — when hiring managers and potential clients sort through 900MM+ LinkedIn profiles… will yours gain their interest? ​​

  • customized header and graphics — to help make a critical first impression (and additional media and graphics to boost your efforts)

  • expert copywriting — effective, award-winning that presents your career powerfully, in a style that works for you

  • desktop. & mobile — we design your profile to work across platforms

  • across social media — we can integrate your personal branding with headers, content, graphics, posts 

  • "right-sized" for your interests —  everyone is different, we work with you to match your personal style and interests

  • interview coaching and support 

  • tough decisions —could be yes/no on an offer, choice between companies, or any other business or life decision-making.

  • You get superior work at average cost. You choose the package of services. We'll customize this to your interests.

 LinkedIn profile for an expereinced managment consultant
LinkedIn Mobile view of client profile developed by MarketPower, as part of their personal branding
Are your needs unique?
Could APB&C help you?
This LinkedIn profile we developed gained this experienced healthcare practitiooner a role on a cable TV show
Atlnta LinkedIn Personal Branding features specialized career coaching, from defining jb focus (icluded in your package) to hihly-effective more comprehensive personal coaching sessions to expore options and "digitally" make good business and career decisions.

If you do something really unusual — and especially if your needs are unusual — we can help. Folks we've worked iwth? management consulting IT technologist sales and business dev TV personality wealth management process engineer restaurant design project management semi-retired change management healthcare business owners manufacturing accounting metals recycling executive assistant physician business development traveling with pets industrial sales international financial services executive assistant plastics manufacturing forensic consulting senior citizen living distribution entrepreneurs construction small business entrepreneur management folk singer/recording artist animal rights education nursing home admin gig economy foreign government professionals personal growth technologists entry-level/grads physicians returning to workforce manufacturing adminstrators freelancers technical sales non-profit solopreneurs inventory liquidation non-profit logistics management …and more! • • •  Any level of experenice Any field Any special interests • • •  Extraordinary Life Coaching / Executive Coaching to address vexing business or personal issues, or help you excel, is avaialble on a limited basis. ​ See testimonials on this page from folks with a wide range of highly-specialized interests. Personal Branding Consultant | Personal Branding Expert |  Personal Branding Copywriter | Personal Branding Coach  | Personal Brand Development | Personal Brand Coach | LinkedIn Profile | LinkedIn Profile Expert | LinkedIn Personal Branding | LinkedIn Profile Coach

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LinkedIn profile developed for IT executive and technology consultant.
ALIPB has developed LinkedIn profiles for executives, mid-level maangers, andpeople re-entering the job market.  We've worked wih a range of creer nterests including IT, no-profit, projct management, health and wellness, sales, and more.

5 - 7



Special Packages

GO BIG at reduced rates

(Reduced rates noted may be withdrawn without notice; if you contact us while posted, you'll get that rate)

These outlines include what we typically do in each package. We may create a "hybrid" package. All this pays back your investment… in you.

CV/resume mockup
  • Personal Branding "All-About-You" (tm)  Consulting & Review

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Resume

  • QuickFix — corrects glaring issues 

  • PowerPack — Solid foundation for impact

  • Boosted PowerPack — Stand out, rise up

  • Customized/Executive/Coaching

Quick Fix

Budget program corrects glaring issues that limit your "findability" and success:

  • consulting conversation to cover basics of your chosen direction, with feedback on your LinkedIn Profile &/or Resume

  • basic "profile SEO" to help be found

  • basic coaching to help you focus your DIY positioning 

  • quick tips for you to execute your own resume, and the rest of your Linkedin profile.

$550   $477.

NOTE: If you start with this program and want more, you can apply $150 towards a customized PowerPack


Solid foundation for impact

  • Brief All-About-You (tm) Personal  Branding consult, using an innovative consulting approach that brings out your strongest marketplace attributes;

  • positioning/ execution… strong summary and more

  • We write and design your Résumé, and make it ATS-friendly

  • We write and design your LinkedIn profile
    to work on Desktop and mobile

  • Graphic Header

  • Basic SEO

  • this package assumes you have a reasonably clear direction you want help with; l basic-level coaching is provided (more comprehensive career  coaching is available with our other PowerPacks)

$1600   $1350     

Boosted PowerPack

Stand out, rise up… particularly valuable for experienced professionals and executives, switching careers, moving into new areas of interest and responsibility

  • Everything from "Strong Basic" Packege, +

  • Your All-About-You (tm) Personal  Branding consult dives deeper to dfferentiate your experince and expertise

  • We may incorporate your usable background materials… or make heavier content refinements

  • Custom header to boost your positioning

  • Enhanced SEO

  • Interview coaching if needed

  • Decision-Making session, to decide on an offer, or choose from two offers

​$2550   $2250  

Customized, Executive PowerPack + Comprehensive Coaching


Geared for experienced professionals and executives, or for people with special interests who want stronger business and coaching support.


May include everything from "Enhanced" PowerPack… and we'll customize from this list or yours. This PowerPack is fully customized to your interests.

  • Comprehensive positioning for your personal branding,, career direction and choices (2 detailed consulting sessions, as  needed)

  • Use of media in profile, such as a slideshow or other visual  (graphics, adapted); this will vary based on your interests and opportunities

  • Interview prep and coaching… may include navigating the company hierarchy or business owner interactions

  • Negotiations coaching; such as coaxing multiple  offers, and getting better offers

  • Coaching on personal and business choices (could involve any issues, such as relocate or not, personal and family issues, evaluating risks, considering career change, and more…) 

  • For some solopreneurs, this customized approach approach may be a good substitute for a website

  • Digital Decision Making consult, using special tool, for choices such as:

— Go/No-Go

— choice between offers, locations

Program and cost are customized to your needs



Getting started with your
personal branding program

Let's talk briefly about the scope of your interests, so we can plan our program for you.

You reserve your Personal Branding working sessions to start positioning you for success, when you return your signed plan with your payment.


Most programs can be competed within 5-7 business days, and is based on details needed. and mutual scheduling. Rush service at a premium may be available.

Let's make your efforts count!

Worth It?

DO THE MATH: if you get a job a few weeks or months faster… if you get paid more… if this boosts your career… isn't that "worth it? (Your pays for itself instantly in the short-term… and sets you up for future gains, too!))

This unique service — combining All-About-You consult, LinkedIn expertise, and resume/CV  provides high value in one package at low market cost, 

Some "specialists" charge less… and that's what you get. You can't "save" by getting crumby results, and you can't recover money that doesn't pay off.

Long term, this boosts your career.. S
hort term, you brng in paychecks faster,. 


Most outplacement services charge many times more, often with "academic" exercises which offer little practical help. 


Inside Secret: Even though our pricing is friendly, you can't even get the specialized consulting skills that bring out your strengths … anywhere else. Just say'n.

Our work for you will help sort out your thinking, make make good choices, help you level up!

Are these APB&C Personal Branding - LinkedIn Profile- Resume programs really "worth it"? 

"I got laid off, and was out of work for 5 months. I wasn't getting anywhere, and wanted to do this LinkedIn and Resume work. I researched plans ranging from $500 up to $7500 with an outplacement firm (even one at $12,500) , and even though I understood the basic need,

I was definitely not an "educated buyer."  However, even before we had started I could tell right he (Joel)  was a good consultant — as good or better than the out placement firms we hire here at
(our company). He said a few times, he's "not a 'fill-in-the-blanks' guy," and at 7 months of being out of work,  I chose to work with him.   

"Joel made me think about my business skills, added a lot of perspective and value, and expressed all this on my LinkedIn & resume, far better than I expected. Then I went back to him for a "client-centric" resume variation, which I submitted.  


I got the first interview that lead to my new job in 10 days. My gains included increased responsibilities, salary and benefits, and these materials impacted the negotiations. That was three months ago, and that a very, very good investment!"

— Pierre D.




process-flow small_edited.png

Got important issues to sort out… key decisions to make? 

Our PowerCoaching is unlike any other Personal/ Executive Coaching you've done. And it's pivotal for a range of business / personal issues. If you're ready for a breakthrough, we'll help you level-up.

Business Meeting

Looking to gain stronger LinkedIn profiles for your team? Integrate with your company brand? Get in touch!

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