What makes your business distinctive ?

What do you offer, and how

…tangible & intangible?

How do your prospects perceive what you sell?

Do you have a Better Way?

A Different Way?

Is your "Brand Marketing"
… built on a strong Brand"?

Your prospects want to know: 

"What's In It For Me?"


purposefully fuzzy image of people inconfrence room, during branding session
stamped image says brand
rubber stamp on handle that says brand

If your strategy or branding is a little fuzzy, your actions…

Atlanta Brand Consultant asks you...
Why put more focus on "Branding"?

Because your company isn't just the same as every other company,

Because nobody buys your products or services based only on new website colors or  “hero” image on your homepage or social profiles.

Because social media/digital marketing  may drive eyeballs to your site, but if they encounter your brand and go "I don't quite get it?"… or don't pick up the phone to talk with you… you've just steered prospect to another business, and they "eat your lunch!"

Because fresh, innovative strategic thinking that's on target makes a major difference in your daily and long-term business results. 

We go beyond producing a great logo and website — MarketPower helps you develop strategy, branding and customer experience to build your business
people working in meeting room doing branding session, lead by brand consultant joel alpert

Atlanta Brand Consultant introduces you to


PowerBranding icon represents brand consultant's unique licensed process for developing brand identity quickly and brilliantly.

Isn't it time you gained smarter, faster, stronger strategic & creative thinking to build a branding foundation for your business success?

PowerBranding brings out your team’s best thinking and ours, like no other process.  


Our specialized thinking skills and process help us check out the wiring of your overall strategy, tactics, marketing and communications approach. And we rewire its circuitry quickly and decisively.  So your business can thrive.

Our branding isn't just cosmetic — we dig into the substance of your business. Helping you determine and connect your prospect's' interests with your offerings.  To help you boost your results

We'll distill, articulate, and construct the essence of your brand.


We'll use breakthrough thinking tools to clarify and synthesize your company strategy and branding. (Based on 20+ years of study and work with the brilliant strategic thinking tools and consulting processes developed by Robert Friz, Inc.)


We tweak product and service offerings. Punch up key messages. customer experience, your CTAs/Offers, your processes.


And we do whatever else it takes —strategy, creative communication, help set priorities, coaching — so your best assets can work to your best advantage..

Let's energize your business!
Our brand identity mission statement was -- literally -- engraved in stone on th walls of its UnitedStates Headquarters in Atlanta.
Our brand strategy tagline for a fat-growing film production company in Atlanta.

Our strategy and branding has been engraved in stone, for Canada Life… and engraved in vinyl for FilmTribe Entertainment. We work with Small-Medium-and Large Companies.

"In short, you've helped us revitalize our brand in the U.S. market:  

•  Strategic thinking through our new branding statement (which I love to see in our lobby). and tagline

•  Bringing our sales and marketing together, (with your excellent coaching!)

•  Superb concept and copywriting (for a range of our marketing materials).


When we launched at our annual meeting — which you helped engineer — we got the best reaction from Sales, ever received — they say they are now ready to take on Unum! Thank you!"

Pat Nodine Vallejo

Group Marketing Director

Canada Life

“Thank you to the very talented, branding and marketing genius, Joel Alpert, who created FilmTribe's tagline:  "We shoot it. We kill it. Your audience eats it up."  Brilliant!!! And on our website, thank you Joel for the ridiculously awesome copy!”

Yelena Hertzberg




Company Name,

Logo, Taglines

Strong branding is your company's opportunity to make a great first impression. The company name, the names of your products and services, your logo and tagline, are the first things your prospects and customers see… and their visual association as they explore and remember their interactions with your brand.


Marketpower logo and tagline for black columns
Filmtribe tagline and website copywriting developed by MarketPower, as part of it's brand strategy and brand identity.
marektpower logo for Koyfman colonics and whole body cleansing

Cleanse your body. Go with the flow.

AT&T logo, Tagline for major telecommuictions firm, developed by Joel Alpert of MarketPower

Sounds Good For Business.

Logo and tagline for Renderrific, by marketpower, architectural renderings business
TechVelocity company name, logo and tagline includes our brand development, produced in Atlanta by MarketPower  fo our client in Minneapolis.
logo and tagline for Lindner Educational COnsultants done by MarketPower
super signs super fast logo and tagline, developed by MarketPower as prt of its brand identity, for a small signmaking franchise started in Atlanta. Company Name, logo and tagline by MarketPower
Product development program, includig producty designn naming and brand positioning, devloped by MarketPower
Name, logo and tagline, a part of brand identity development for a wellness/laughter yoga company based in Minnesotawe named Laugh Healthy!
Brand development and brand strategy, through tagline and brand marketing and targeted marketing communications for international insurance firm based in Toronto.
Company name, logo, tagline for consulting and training business in manufacturing
New tagline and brand positioning for location-based servicee and brand positioning, for location-based service (LBS), developed for apple and android app
Company name, logo, tagline and brand positioning for uique furniture company i Atlanta, importing custom-crafted furniture from India... for MarketPower in Atlanta

One-of-a-kind furniture art

hand-crafted from

antique architectural details

Frequent flyer program of Amerian Airlnes and frquencymarekting program of Bes Western teamed up for a mutially-beneficial relationship. We teamed up with aprominent Atlnta ad agncy to produce this high-visibility program in just 45 days!
Developed brand identity, with logo and logo icon for rapidly-growing broker-dealer, which tarnsacts trades f r financial planning professionals.
Brand strategy for California-based technology training for company that trains new techies for Fortune 500 companies, supplying trained IT professionals already familiar with thier coompany's processes.
Logo icon and tagline for barter company.

"Ideas resonate with people. Ideas make brands and clients famous…the actual craft of the creative – the design, the copy and the user experience – matters too. Nuance means getting the  execution ”just right” so as to match the target and the ambition of the idea, as well as fit the category."

— DMN Magazine

You want to see more?

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Brand positioning for Moscow-based maangement consulting firm, including logo, tagline, and brand strategy, by our Atlanat-based brand identity consultancy. Yes, collusion!

As your branding consultants we take a proprietary stance and go further for you…


…with critical strategic program that brings out your best thinking and ours… to create clear, powerful company branding, and guidance to help you enhance your offerings and sell more effectively.



“I have had an opportunity to work with Joel and was impressed by his  brilliance. He is a multi-talented, energetic and creative professional with  the ability to get the job done. 

As a management consultant, I've seen him provide his expertise to develop a mutual client’s business strategy and branding with a wide variety of IP...marketing and creative concepts, including website, creative direction with copywriting...plus sales process,collateral and sales presentations. And I was amazed in the transformation to what our mutual client now calls a "world-class site."


Joe DeVita

Management Consultant

Founder and Board Member

Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce

The branding we do is not just a cosmetic change.

PowerBranding quote about sugain sustainable advantage


Why even do

this kind of work?


Click Me!



It's a real shift in substance.

And perception.

And might even include tweaks

to the way you do business — from markets to communication to processes.


And we make you look great.

And that makes a very big difference

for your business!

For most companies, we can get most of this done within 30 days. 

Can it get any better than that?


not only designed my presence on the web– he defined my presence on the web. I simply came to Joel with an idea for what I needed and the next thing I knew, I was looking at the manifestation of my idea …Everything was spot-on, in tune with the vision I had. 

In working with Joel I got insights into my product that I had not seen. If I had to sum it up my experience in one statement, it would be “Joel got what was not being said in what I asked him for. As a result, I ended up with what I didn’t even know that I wanted, but was what I would have asked for to begin with if I had been able to articulate it.”

Larry Grayson,
You & i Workshop
President at RetireworX


Joel gesturing "shhh!"... sugesting secrets to MarktPower's strategic thinking proceses.


Want to unlock some of the SECRET TECHNIQUES and approaches behind our innovative strategic thinking?

"Joel really distinguishes himself by focusing significant time upfront on understanding your business and your objectives. This time spent at the beginning of the process, laying out the overall positioning and value proposition, was key in guiding the content and site development."

(See "They're Saying...')


Looking for Big-Picture Strategic Planning?

Strategic consulting conversation with strategist and executive, in front of NYC subway map, suggesting business raodmap or landscape.
Structural Tension Charting shows levels of hierachy for mapping our strategic plans.

"I knew I needed to create a focused and distinctive brand and online presence. Based on strong recommendations and impressive results with a trusted colleague, I turned to Joel at MarketPower to help me with this critical exercise… 

"…Joel has the insights key to help a variety of organizations deliver sharp, focused branding, interesting content and interactive tools to attract and gain credibility among prospects. Joel is incredibly dedicated to his clients. He works creatively and tirelessly to ensure he produces a quality product that delivers results.


Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative"

(See "They're Saying...")

Branding an ReBranding -- secrt questions and answers to empower your business growth.

9 Secret ReBranding Questions To Empower Your Growth (Part 1)

Part 2: Don't just "fill in the blanks"...secrets for "how" to think it through

"Joel is one of those rare people that can match business strategy and creative marketing and truly understands the challenges of being the owner of a company. Work with Joel and you'll get 'off the fence' and great things begin to happen!"

(See "They're Saying...")


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