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Isn't it time you gained smarter, faster, stronger strategic & creative thinking to build a branding foundation for your business success?

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Company Name,

Logo, Taglines

Strong branding is your company's opportunity to make a great first impression. The company name, the names of your products and services, your logo and tagline, are the first things your prospects and customers see… bring them in, and they'll explore the rest of your brand.


One-of-a-kind furniture art

hand-crafted from

antique architectural details

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As your branding consultants we take a proprietary stance and go further for you…


…with critical strategic program that brings out your best thinking and ours… to create clear, powerful company branding, and guidance to help you enhance your offerings and sell more effectively.



Our strategy and branding has been engraved in stone, for Canada Life… and engraved in vinyl for FilmTribe Entertainment. We work with Small-Medium-and Large Companies.

The branding we do is not just a cosmetic change.


It's a real shift in substance.

And perception.

And we make you look great.

And that makes a very big difference

for your business!

For most companies, within 30 days. 

Can it get any better than that?

Why even do

this kind of work?


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Want to unlock some of the SECRET TECHNIQUES and approaches behind our innovative strategic thinking?

Brand consultant Joel Alpert brings PowerBranding to the market, combinn Robert Fritz Inc.'s unique structural dynamics brand strategy process.

If you're considering Branding or ReBranding your business...or business strategy... 


…you're going to want to see this pdf — describing the power of branding... why this approach is so strong... and showing samples of our branding and the marketing programs they lead to.

Drop a note and we'll send the PowerBranding PDF to you.


We work with...

  • Fortune 500...

  • ...and "Fortune 500,000"...SMB and the smallest businesses

  • Marketing Managers & Directors

  • Ad Agencies

  • Consultants

  • Web Developers & Designers

  • product & service innovators

  • and maybe you!

Branding an ReBranding -- secrt questions and answers to empower your business growth.

9 Secret ReBranding Questions To Empower Your Growth (Part 1)


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The MarketPower Strategy/Branding/Marketing Continuum ® — The strongest program you can develop builds all components of your business in an integrated fashion, fitting all pieces together in coherent processes and communication.


We call that The MarketPower Continuum.® You might call it "My Re-Energized Business," but whatever you call it… you'll be smilin'! 

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