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Isn't it time you gained smarter, faster, stronger strategic & creative thinking to build a branding foundation for your business success?

More about Branding…more about PowerBranding


"Joel is one of those rare people that can match business strategy and creative marketing and truly understands the challenges of being the owner of a company. Work with Joel and you'll get 'off the fence' and great things begin to happen!"

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Company Name,

Logo, Taglines

Strong branding is your company's opportunity to make a great first impression. The company name, the names of your products and services, your logo and tagline, are the first things your prospects and customers see… bring them in, and they'll explore the rest of your brand.


These strategic business tools help your company rise above competitors as the natural go-to choice. And your brand direction will light the way for social media. Don't loss that opportunity… it might be the only one you get. 

Sounds Good For Business.

One-of-a-kind furniture art

hand-crafted from

antique architectural details

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As your branding consultants we take a proprietary stance and go further for you…


…with critical strategic program that brings out your best thinking and ours… to create clear, powerful company branding, and guidance to help you enhance your offerings and sell more effectively.



"Joel really distinguishes himself by focusing significant time upfront on understanding your business and your objectives. This time spent at the beginning of the process, laying out the overall positioning and value proposition, was key in guiding the content and site development."

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Our strategy and branding has been engraved in stone, for Canada Life… and in vinyl for FilmTribe Entertainment. We work with Small-Medium-and Large Companies.

“Thank you to the very talented, branding and marketing genius, Joel Alpert, who created FilmTribe's tagline:

"We shoot it. We kill it. Your audience eats it up."

Brilliant!!! And on our website, thank you Joel for the ridiculously awesome copy!”

Yelena Hertzberg, CEO


The branding we do is not just a cosmetic change.


It's a real shift in substance.

And perception.

And we make you look great.

And that makes a very big difference

for your business!

For most companies, within 30 days. 

Can it get any better than that?

Why even do

this kind of work?


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“Joel Alpert not only designed my presence on the web– he defined my presence on the web. I simply came to Joel with an idea for what I needed and the next thing I knew, I was looking at the manifestation of my idea in a synchronized website. Everything from the look and feel to the flow to the color scheme was spot-on, in tune with the vision I had. 

In working with Joel I got insights into my product that I had not seen. If I had to sum it up my experience in one statement, it would be “Joel got what was not being said in what I asked him for. As a result, I ended up with what I didn’t even know that I wanted, but was what I would have asked for to begin with if I had been able to articulate it.”

Larry Grayson,
You & i Workshop
President at RetireworX



Can we develop strong branding for your unique company?  


We create impact. Even when we haven't had specific experience in that field (including the examples here). 


The innovative consulting process we use gets to the essence of your company's business focus  quickly and insightfully. No matter that endeavor — commodity or extraterrestrial.

Take a look at these diverse fields, where we've had strong success…

Asbestos Removal Garment 
Insurance Compliance Consulting
Database Services 
Frequent Flyer Program
Custom-made Trade Show Props
Management Consulting
Human Potential Seminars

Banking and Credit Cards
National Magazines

Laughter Yoga 

Agricultural Chemicals

Film Production
Fast Food

Health & Wellness
Location-Based Services (LBS) App
Multi-Modal Transportation

Countertop Resurfacing
Hawaiian Coffee
Environmental Organization
Cosmetic Surgery
Trade Associations

…and lots more!


"As a management consultant, I've seen him provide his expertise to develop a mutual clients business strategy and branding with a wide variety of IP, marketing and creative concepts….


I was amazed in the transformation to what our mutual client now calls a "world-class site."


(see “They’re Saying…”)


Want to unlock some of the SECRET TECHNIQUES and approaches behind our innovative strategic thinking?

"I knew I needed to create a focused and distinctive brand and online presence. Based on strong recommendations and impressive results with a trusted colleague, I turned to Joel at MarketPower to help me with this critical exercise… 

"…Joel has the insights key to help a variety of organizations deliver sharp, focused branding, interesting content and interactive tools to attract and gain credibility among prospects. Joel is incredibly dedicated to his clients. He works creatively and tirelessly to ensure he produces a quality product that delivers results.


Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative"

(See "They're Saying...")

Brand consultant Joel Alpert brings PowerBranding to the market, combinn Robert Fritz Inc.'s unique structural dynamics brand strategy process.

If you're considering Branding or ReBranding your business...or business strategy... 


…you're going to want to see this pdf — describing the power of branding... why this approach is so strong... and showing samples of our branding and the marketing programs they lead to.

Drop a note and we'll send the PowerBranding PDF to you.


We work with...

  • Fortune 500...

  • ...and "Fortune 500,000"...SMB and the smallest businesses

  • Marketing Managers & Directors

  • Ad Agencies

  • Consultants

  • Web Developers & Designers

  • product & service innovators

  • and maybe you!

Branding an ReBranding -- secrt questions and answers to empower your business growth.

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