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MarketPower's Creative Marketing Communications are designed to fit together with no disconnect, and support your engagement strategy, branding, products & services marketing

Creative Portfolio

Integrated Marketing Communications

"Ideas resonate with people. Ideas make brands and clients famous...the actual craft of the creative – the design, the copy and the user experience – matters too. Nuance means…

…getting the execution ”just right” so as to match the target and the ambition of the idea, as well as fit the category."


— DMN magazine,

"The Nuance Of Nuance" 



If your marketing doesn't grab attention…

if it doesn't engage interest…

If it doesn't differentiate your products and services…

and it doesn't integrate your creative marketing programs, 

and if it doesn't start a conversation about buying…

Maybe it's time for


hand indicating hover

“Excellent! Awesome! Outstanding!”

These adjectives describe the marketing materials recently distributed. Keep up the good work!”

Jay Beck, Group Sales Manager

Canada Life



Location-Based App Connecting Consumers Directly To Business

Strategy, Branding, Product Development & Pricing, and Marketing Communications for a LBS-based mobile app

Gypsi Mobile website, a Location-Based Serrvice (LBS) mobile app we developd, from full brand identity and tagline through marketing and channel distribution strategy, product development and product pricing, private market sales, investor presentions, new business presentations, webiste an dapp development, crativ direction and copywriting....

[ HomePage Copy ]

Gypsi Mobile is the spiffy-new killer app that delivers me-to-you super-local connections. Social. Retail. Services. Professionals. 

It’s the OMG tech jump in communications. Giving you real-fast tap-search...with fewer, more relevant results. Real-time, on your Gypsi radar. 

Real friendly, me-to-you connections via text. Real conversations that start right here, right now. Tap-tap! 

screenshots from Gypsi Moibile app deevloped by MarektPower
MarketPower's collateal materials for Gypsi Mobile app
Keynote / Powerpoint images for mobile app new business presentation developed by Marketpower
IMage from investor presentation produced by MarketPower as part of our strategy, branding, and integrated marketing communication,  explaining key selling points of this LBS mobile app
3 cell phones with screens of app MarketPower developed for Gypsi Mobile, including strategy, branding, marketing communication, and app design

Our Integrated Marketing Communications work has a creative portfolio that spans categories and media…

Renderrific Logo and tagline produced by MarketPower

Renderrific develops renderings for real estate, architecture, product development and more. This hero image video introduces the branding and the offerings for renderings, from 2D Drafting to 3-D modeling, animations, virtual reality walkthrough, and more.

We repositioned and branded this new company, including company name, logo, tagline, development of services, and execution of this hero image video,

Our 27 gold and silver SouthStar Awards -- presented by the data& Marketin Association (DMA, formerly theDirct Marktn Association) are a big part of te recognition w've receoived fomour professiona peers for your targeted marketing expertise.

"When we have shown marketing materials such as website or brochure to our prospects, they have consistently commented, without us asking, that they really like our approach, and that is one of the key differentiators we have been looking for.

(See ""They're Saying...")

We've won 27 Gold & Silver SouthStar Awards (plus a bunch of others) for the vital combination of Strategy, Creativity & Results


Information Technology
Business Intelligence

IT Consulting firm TechVelocity Partners -- we dveloped the busiess startegy, brand identity, named the company with logo and tagine, and developed all marketing communications materials from collateral to LinkedIn social media marketing and blogcontent.

Business Strategy, Company Name, Branding, Product Development, Targeted blog content, and all Marketing Communication  for Information Technology firm

Website page with rebranding by MarketPower for Information Technology company in Minneapolis
Screenshot of webpage, for technology company work done by MarketPower, Business Strategy, Company Name, Branding, Product Development, Targeted blog content, and all Marketing Communication  for Information Technology firm
inside spread of print brochure produced for INformation Technology cleint, work by MarketPower
cover of brochure by MarketPower, produced for IT company, showing fighter  jet taking off from aircraft carrier
Blog content devloped by MarketPower, this on how wearable technology is impacting the delivery of healthcare in the US.
Healthcare apps can be developed faster using software fameworks. This blog post y Atlanta-based MarketPower.

Animated Banner Ads for Lead Generation

Animated banner ad for insurance compliance consulting client's business.

Animated banner ad targeted to trade show attendees, and retargeted

Grateful Yid promotional graphic, annuakl event marketing by MarketPower

Linked email graphic promoting a special event

Animated ads for Jetstream compressed gas cylinders produced by MarketPower

Animated banner ads for Jetstream, a company that decompresses gas cylinders, which we also rebranded

animate ad for compressed gas services produced by MarketPower for Jetstream
Stay Sage animated ads produced by marketpower

Corporate Development

career education poster for yearup by marketpower
Before & After style photo of untrained and working professional in career development program marketing, developed by MarketPower
YearUp brochure for tech education prodwritten and designed by MarketPower
Year Up technology training, brochure cover featuring student in program; collateral material part of integrated marekting communication by MarketPower

Business Process Video
Employee Communications
Explainer Video
(with FilmTribe)

GreenSky Explainer video for internal communications, with concept and script written by MarketPower; video production by FilmTribe
Images from explainer video script written by MarketPower, for Greensky a major fintech
greensky screenshot from video,
greensky screenshot from video, , woman considering new kitchen design
greensky screenshot from video, using app designed by MarketPower
greensky screenshot from video, with website and app information

Employee Training and internal communications are an important part of Integrated Marketing Communications. This "explainer video" was geared to employees and prospects selling this unique fintech product.

Promotional Video
New Product Line Introduction

Promotional video aimed at business markets, promoting new line of databases sold by Equifax, called PowerLists. We wrote the script, co-directed production, and wrote the original music soundtrack.

"I have to say I am wowed by Joel’s branding program and web copy. I think Joel is very talented. So funny. So original and creative. His results were extremely valuable to our film production company.”

(See ""They're Saying...")

(Here's what our professional peers are saying...

phone, tablet, computer

Click for examples of the branding & websites we produce for small business…

Koyfman Colonics Logo developed by marektpower
logo links to website pdesigned and produced by MarketPower
you-and-i logo links to website produced by MarketPower
Logo links to website, business name, logo, tagline by marketpower

Industrial & Manufacturing

Award-winning ad produced by MarketPower for Kimberly-Clark, "Most Asbestos reoval garments are full of hot air"

The signature ad from an award-winning integrated campaign for a high-tech asbestos removal garment made by Kimberly-Clark. Included multiple ads, direct mail, email, statement stuffers, press releases, trade show exhibit design and promotion.

captain's hat, three-dimensional 3d mailing campaing for CSX transportation
railroad hat CSX Transportation 3d mailer

3-D Direct Mail program for CSX Transportation,each featuring one of the 3 intermodal methods of transportation — ship, train, and trucking.

CSX Transportation 3d mailer #3, ruckers cap
CSX Transportation 3d mailer #4, showing hat rack

Billboards / Outdoor / Environmental Graphics / Signage

bold businessman with blowing tie in the wind, standing for "barter power!". Southern Barter Company

BARTER: Digital billboard for regional barter organization based in Atlanta area, 

billboard in middle of field of horses, says "Low Cost Solution" for Ameirican Cyanamid herbicide Avenge

Billboard for American Cyanamid agricultural herbicide Avenge, smack in the middle of in a field in South Dakota, next to a grower's supply depot. Part of multimedia campaign that was done as a last-ditch effort to prevent a phase-out of this product. Included overall strategy, rebrand, posters and billboards, radio, print and dealer incentive program.

photo of retail signage and customer ordering process for company we names "super signs super fast"

RETAIL: Renamed & ReBranded sign-making company, from Signs In A Day...  to supersignssuperfast!  with retail store design, order intake system, marketing program and collateral, targeted marketing program, as part of preparation for franchising.

Our brand strategy tagline for a fast-growing film production company in Atlanta.

Our tagline for FilmTribe was featured in the entry hall of this Atlanta-based film production company" "We shoot it. We Kill it. Your audience eats it up!"

Our mission statement for Canada Life insurance company's United States headquarters in Atlanta (they re international, based in Toronto).... was, literally, engraved in stone, in thei entry lobby.

Canada Life

International Insurance 

Our mission statement engraved in stone at US headquarters of Canada Life (above); And one of the product rebrand programs — this with product strategy, rebranding, creative — this for disability insurance Our work included company rebrand, tagline, all-new collateral, product development, multiple broker incentive programs, strategic consulting, more.

Direct Response Television

Sixty-second TV commercial for the Safety Pure Water Filter Carafe

2-minute Direct Response TV commercial marketing Liberace video playing the music of Stephen Foster

“…he directed and produced our key marketing  efforts for more than a decade, developing strategy, creative implementation, and production. …Helped us re-invent our company strategy and branding, our creative  image and copywriting, the trade show booths and  marketing for the shows we attend,…a distinctive website that expresses our branding, and recommended a  technology innovation. …Joel has been part of our business for many  years -- he's smart and creative, and I recommend him.”

(See ""They're Saying...")

Financial Services & Insurance

insuranc compliance consulting brochure 3
insuranc compliance consulting brochure 2
insuranc compliance consulting brochure 4
insuranc compliance consulting brochure

Sanda K. Meltzer & Associates

Insurance Compliance Consulting

Business Strategy, Rebrand, Marketng Strategy, Website , Digital and Online, product development (producing an industry-unique project status dashboard), illustration series, website development, direct mail, email, trade shows theme concepts, trade show marketing, direct mail, email, online banners, collateral and more.

Trade show display poster - Our long-term insurance compliance consulting client brought us in to deveop their strategic renewal -- including startegic planning, rebrand, tagline, website, product development with special client dashboard, marketing collateral, trade show promotion, animation, banner ads, brochures with original illustration, direct mail email. video, and more.
trade show display graphics for SKM insurance compliance consulting
Fujiyama LOGO and TAG produced by MarketPower

Fujiyama Wealth Management

A small specialized financial planning company catering to people of high-net-worth. This introductory branding video flags the audience of high net worth individuals.

Logo Tagline


Our strategic marketing program for this broker/dealer, serving financial planners, included a special recruitment marketing website to bring on fee-based and commission-based financial planners looking for a progresive company to support their transactions.

Strategy, Branding, Recruitment Website for Strategic Financial Alliance, a Broker/Dealer serving financial advisors

Part of our Brand Identity and Brand Development program, was reimagining a "mobius strip" with 3 parts, each to represent a key aspect of this unique company's synergy.


It quickly became part of the published brand story.

Screenshot of webpage designed by MarketPower  for Strategic Financial Advantage
website detail
website detail 2
brochure cover for major insurance company marekting collateral develoed by marketpower

Foillowing or rebrand of Canada Life, an international insurance company, we did a series of product rebrand and new marketing materials  for a wide range of their programs. This video shows samples of those programs

not only designed my presence on the web– he defined my presence on the web. I simply came to Joel with an idea for what I needed and the next thing I knew, I was looking at the manifestation of my idea …Everything was spot-on, in tune with the vision I had. 

In working with Joel I got insights into my product that I had not seen. If I had to sum it up my experience in one statement, it would be “Joel got what was not being said in what I asked him for. As a result, I ended up with what I didn’t even know that I wanted, but was what I would have asked for to begin with if I had been able to articulate it.”

Larry Grayson,
You & i Workshop
President at RetireworX


3D "blueprints" mailer in a tube, marketing a not-yet-completed subdivision, for an ad agency client in Mississipi

This three-dimensional mailing (3-D mailing tube format) promoted a new subdivision, using this tageted direc marketing tool to promote leads an sales even before the subdivision completed construction.

3-D - Dimensional Mail

rocket ship ready to blast off, part of 3-D direct mail campaign series; strategy, rebrand, creative direction, copywriting, and production by MarketPower
control room at space center part of 3-D direct mail campaign series; strategy, rebrand, creative direction, copywriting, and production by MarketPower
rocket ship r before launch, part of 3-D direct mail campaign series; strategy, rebrand, creative direction, copywriting, and production by MarketPower
Part 1 of  3-part direct mail program for this specialized software.

'3-part campaign to introduce IBM/CD Group's new eCommerce software platform, resulting in successful launch of the program (after 2 other agency attempts)..

3 square colorful pieces were mailed, building brand interest, driving webinar attendance; third piece is tabbed and expands into a rocket launch in stages.

rocket ship after blast-off, part of 3-D direct mail campaign series; strategy, rebrand, creative direction, copywriting, and production by MarketPower
This 3-D element of this high-impact direct mail program, featured a "staged" rocket ship, representing the stages of this ecommerce middleware, dvelopd for IBM.
This 3-D Direct Marketing progam for CSX Transportation create high impact for this multi-modal transportation leader.
Dimensional mail pieces 2 of 4 -- thi high-impact pieces are MarketPower's favorite communication tool!
3-D direct mail "Hats Campaign" for CSX Transportation ; this one shows Captan's Hat and box
Fourth of 4 boxed mailings -- "Here's The Capper!" — emabl d receipient to hand3 hats already received on this hat rack.

4-part 3-D campaign targeted for shipping managers, to introduce or expand their use of CSX Transportation's intermodal services

MarketPower has developed all kinds of marketing communication across a ridiculously-wide range of programs…


our portfolio samples come from a range of uncommon programs. From fitness centers to agricultural chemicals. Cellphone carriers to insurance compliance. Publishing to vacuum cleaners. Management consulting to amusement parks. Technology to lawncare. Financial services to Hawaiian coffee…and beyond!

See client list

You-&-i website homepage

Brand development and website for a personal growth workshop

Best western frequent fleirt program handbook developed by MarketPower
Best Western and American Airlines marketing developed by MarketPower, shows businesswoman resting in airline seat in a hotel room
collateral materails including inflatable airplane for Best Western and Amaerican Airlines frequent flier program
"The advantage program has landed" pin-on buttom for Best Western and Americna airlines frequent flyer program

HOTEL & AIRLINE FREQUENT FLYER PARTNERSHIP LAUNCH:  Branding, Marketing and Program Development for new partnership between Best Western and American Airlines. Including program design, customer experience desk manual, a range of collateral material…

retail signage describing services with larg graphic for shoe and luggage repair shop

LOCAL RETAILER REFRESH. Product and services offerings needed a clearer presentation, which included updating product descriptions and signage, and store layout.

screenshot fro webste film production company, with copywriting by MarketPower

FILM PRODUCTION & ENTERTAINMENT. Copy from a website panel. Strategy, branding and website copy for FilmTribe, an international film production company based in Atlanta

website gaphic homepage for management consulting company, market enry into russie, former soviet union

INTERNATIONAL MARKET ENTRY: Strategy, Branding, Web Development for Moscow-based management consulting firm, specializing in market entry, developing partnerships and import programs for goods from the U.S. and Europe. Definitely collusion.

Samples of our Direct Response targeted marketing campaigns

Company/Product/Service Names...Logos...Taglines​

"Don't work with us… just because you like what you saw here: the company names, logos or taglines. Or because you like the marketing programs (with award-winning creative marketing communications). Or the response campaigns that caught your interest and moved the needle.


Yes, we like that you like them. Yes, we like that  those marketing communications, have won a shelf-full of awards. But leveling up your business is not like buying a bag pf potato chips… your choice of MarketPower should have a little more thought behind it.

We'd really prefer you work with us because
you also took 15 minutes to check out what's behind our expertise -- integrated strategy, branding, marketing communications: When you find out how our experience… these business tools… and our insights… make a difference  for your business, you'll gain a stronger vision for where we can go to energize your business.


     Joel signature
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