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Find out 12 reasons why you'll want to work with us — we're a unique Atlanta-based branding and marketing consultancy, that brings Fortune 500 experience to SMB, consultants, NPOs…

Why choose MarketPower?

A Dozen Reasons


We bring you a powerful combination of strategic and creative impact

STRATEGIC: MarketPower gives you innovative strategic thinking, processes, and better guidance to help you make stronger business and marketing decisions.

CREATIVE:  We produce killer creative marketing, with the critical nuance that differentiates your business in the busy marketplace. Award-winning, too.

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MarketPower  Client Testimonials


Want to know what people are saying about MarketPower? 

Here are 5 pages of raving testimonial endorsements from people we've worked with — Fortune 500 to independent consultants.  They can tell you about the quality of our work… impact MarketPower has had on their businesses… our integrity… and more.  Scroll through!



Got Joel?

Joel Alpert

Chief Lightbulb

Strategic & Creative Director

Hi...Joel here, I'm the founder...the Chief Lightbulb… the Strategic & Creative Director of MarketPower. 


I know your company's business interests are important to you...so I think you'll want to know…

MarketPower is my business, based in Atlanta. I’ve worked with some of the biggest and smallest companies in Atlanta and across America.  I develop or guide all programs.  (Click for the client list.)​

What kind of experience and background do I bring to your party?

Not your usual "can build us a website" or "create an effective email or direct mail campaign" experience… of course we do that, well... it's more like "help us think it through (fast), increase sales, and build our business" kind of experience.


Your company will get lots of exceptional strategic consulting experience... you can't get this type of strategic smarts even at good ad agencies, the consulting skillset is different.


I've got a bunch of certifications and training. Especially the innovative consulting approach of Robert Fritz, Inc., enabling me to gain powerful insights into your business, and create better results faster.  (More here:  Strategic Thinking.)


Plus, "they" tell me I'm a Creative/Analytical, — I switch my thinking seamlessly from strategic to creative. That provides big-picture perspective, helps address prospect interests more powerfully, and moves strategy, branding, and marketing communication ahead way faster and more efficiently. Cool. 

I've worked with industry leaders

Worked where? With the most prominent Direct Marketing ad agencies in the world, in NYC and Atlanta.. Trained and worked with Direct Response industry icons and legendary consultants — including Bob Stone, Martin Baier, Emily Soell, John Francis Tighe, Sol Blumenfeld and more.


And I've learned just as much working with the smallest of businesses and non-profits (please ask for this list), as from the biggest players. And since we're lean by design, we deliver our high-quality services efficiently, at lower costs.

All that taps your potential and sets your business apart. Then we get pizza!*

Certified Professional Direct Marketer

Center For Direct Marketing

Structural Consultant

Business Strategy & Advisory Consulting

Inbound Marketing Certified Professional

Inbound Marketing University

Certified Business Communicator

Business Marketing Association

* No Chuck E. Cheese or Pizza Hut...it's got to be good pizza.​

Beyond the many work hats, some personal snapshots :  I enjoy photography (used to be a reporter/ photojournalist for weekly newspapers in NYC)... play steel-string acoustic guitar... hike / bike / rollerblade... am an incurable punster...  sang, sorta-danced, and had a pantomime spotlight solo in a big-scale community theater production of Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat ... have taught Technologies For Creating (it's like literacy in the "how to create what you want in your-life")... organized a special  CERT program (Community Emergency Response Team, part of FEMA), and rewrote their module on Terrorism Awareness and Active Shooter scenarios... make a pretty mean homemade gluten-free pizza... once got some timely help from the Mafia in Brooklyn... like to learn new things, from business & marketing to human potential and kaballah... called "Uncle Joel" by a number of young'uns... and I like to tend my balcony garden...


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