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PowerCoaching is not like any other coaching or counseling you've encountered — at your service for both business and personal issues.

It is based most strongly on Structural Dynamics Consulting — holistic and  "relational" thinking tools, developed by innovator Robert Fritz. It's transparent…  remarkably efficent, and since we "get to it" way faster,  it's costs far less. 

two "iec cream cones" with clouds as ice cream... indicating chooseyour approach to executive coaching and consulting (a.k.a. life coaching) in atlanta, a service of marketpower

PowerCoaching is available to select clients. of MarketPower, Atlanta Personal Branding and Coaching, and at our discretion where we think we can make a difference. 

Atlanta Executive Coaching
Life Coaching On Steroids!

You may be interested in  PowerCoaching — a departure from conventional life coaching or executive coaching — because you want to…

  • accomplish your objectives with greater clarity,  efficiency, and accountability 

  • sort out difficult business or personal issues… popping up now, or ongoing

  • make important business or life decisions, and move forward with clarity​ (even when the issues seem to mix "apples and oranges"

  • shift long-standing patterns of behavior that don't work for you

  • get expert coaching support customized to your interests — from career guidance to interview prep, sorting out priorities to decision-making, and more 

  • Business and life transitions

  • or want to be boost your skills at being more effective overall… in a way that works with your own personality and style. 

You may have considered or started life coaching or executive coaching, but you've never tried anything like this powerful and objective approach. Seriously. 

This won't happen by itself. Insightful people from all walks of life — career beginners and seasoned executives — get a coach to break through key areas of their life. If you do this, you might s well invest your life spirit with a good coach!

You and I — that's me, Joel Alpert — will work together and be straightforward in how we address your interests, any impediments or distractions, and the best ways to help you reach your goals.


That will be inspiration that's based in reality. And the reality is, we just are not in the best position to see our own blind spots. This gets personal. 


I won't "pump you up" with meaningless pep talk, You won't really believe that stuff anyway. But as we clarify your interests, check out and boot out thinking that doesn't work for you, and help you with tools to help you create what you want… I'll encourage you with "substance" and be your strongest advocate.


This approach is not academic. And it is not formulaic. It is not an "Artificial Intelligence"-style response or psycho-babble.


It's all about you — your goals, your interests, your decisions, your patterns that work and those that don't, how to create enduring successes. With a unique approach to make it happen. It's working on change IRL.


I've used with this remarkably practical executive and life coaching with individuals and entrepreneurs who are independent, as well as in small and large companies.  Business and Personal issues of every category. You'd be wowed. 


I like making a difference with this powerful coaching, and I take on select clients who are committed to their goals.


This work is fully customized. It is primarily based on an innovative strategic thinking approach called Structural Dynamics Consulting, developed by Robert Fritz, Inc. Our approach includes a "thinking toolbox" with Digital Decision-Making… the principles of Robert Fritz, Inc.… Landmark Education,… and and my own dead=serious/playful style.


These tools will give you the opportunity to "step up to the plate" and take your best swing at your goals — from clearly identifying those goals, to achieving them in your life,.


We  quickly sort out any underlying thinking that may be tripping you up… and put into place "thinking structures" which really work for you. With guidance and accountability. Producing the results you want...not in years and years… but in days, weeks and months. 

Your life… this coaching… want to talk?

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If you're interested in discovering 

more about this innovative and effective work, get in touch by email or text

(Six78, 43 five, 97 twenty)

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