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chess qeen on two squares, showing startegic consultant progress

Strategic Thinking

Two "brand stamps" to indicate company branding and company rebranding

Company Branding Personal Branding

Power Up!


Joel Alpert

Chief Lightbulb


You put a lot of effort into your business —you want it to work, in all areas of sales, marketing, planning, processes,… and to keep up with a changing marketplace. 


If you want to build a stronger business foundation for greater profitability and growth, you may want to tap our specialized expertise.


MarketPower is a unique mashup consultancy that merges…

Higher-Impact Strategy & Branding… so the planning & business decisions you make… and the prospects you engage as they respond to your website, sales and marketing,  help you achieve stronger results. 


Bullseye Targeted Marketing Communication to get your message across more powerfully and gain stronger engagement, leads and results that work for your business.

You want expertise… experience… results, right?  We support your business with our part-time Marketing Director, and customized team as needed — bringing you powerful, efficient, hands-on work and guidance.

Ready to energize your business?

marketpower lightbulb, representing strategy, branding and marketing communications ideas, plus award-winning marketing campaigns

Are MarketPower's services like any others?

Seriously… nope.

We mash up an innovative strategic thinking approach (you can't get elsewhere)… huge small business experience… pivotal value across many aeas of your business,  award-winning top ad agency work… certified targeted marketing expertise… and lots more!

If your business interests are vital to you… take the time to check out that outrageous claim!

chess squares, showing moement of startegi cplanning and startegy consulting
chess queen, showng the power of strategic consulting

Gain Greater
Strategic Insight

Strong strategic insight drives it all — your business direction, to the way you sell. It changes everything.


You've got tough business issues — short-term issues to big-picture strategic planning. Our thinking tools are efficient & holistic (and you can't get them elsewhere)… we get at the source, not the symptom… uncovering opportunities… Let's build!

A rubber stamp look of the word "brand" to indicate branding andrebrandng as part of company positioning and branding
A rubber stamp look of the word "brand" to indicate branding and brand identity

Your Brand

You want insightful branding that  positions your company, products & services for your target audience(s).

You want your website & all company communications to help you create business impact.

Your brand engages prospects and

  accelerates sales. Let prospects 

know your business is their right choice!  Let's level up!

a square bullseye, to indiate on-target marketing commnications, copywriting, and use of marketing communications media
an exclamation mark, representing propsect and custer engagement in lead generation, social media, corporate communications and more

Target Your Messaging

Ideas resonate with people. Let's build your marketing foundation and energize your business.


We gain higher value for your website interactions, email, direct mail, targeted social media, presentations, more. With award-winning marketing communication, stronger tactics, CTAs/Offers… to spark engagement, sales, retention & referrals! Let's go!