For CEO's, Business Owners, Directors and Managers… Small Business to Fortune 500:

Want to energize your business strategy,  branding, and marketing communications…

…so you can gain new business more effectively?

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Grab a  cup of MarketPower — IRL or Virtual — and gain key insights fast.  Get a quick taste of our unique strategic thinking — we might even add a Digital Business Analysis, a $350  value…free!

Spark engagement and new business with award-winning big ideas & copywriting, level-up website, empowered digital, guerilla, print, video, presentations…

Tap qualified leads & sales, capitalize on social, with our Certified Direct Marketing expertise — email, direct mail, 1-1, LinkedIn, stronger Offers/CTAs…

Urban Dance

Want to energize your branding impact… transform business with rewired strategic insights and power up effective targeted marketing communication?

Tap our award-winning high-voltage expertise 
and let's generate results! 

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Tap our high-voltage expertise and let's generate stronger business foundation and profitability! 

Want to energize your branding impact… 
transform business with rewired strategic insights… and power up effective, award-winning  targeted marketing communication?

Tap our high-voltage expertise to energize your branding impact transform business with rewired strategic insight… and power up effective, award-winning  targeted marketing communication to engage and sell.


Tap our high-voltage expertise to energize your branding impact  transform business with rewired strategic insight … and power up our award-winning targeted marketing communication to engage and sell more effectively.

Plug in!

Mad Good!
MarketPower produces unique brand startwegy, brand development, and brand identity for small and larg companies, products, and services.

Transform your business impact with game-changing branding and strategic thinking. Brand Identity. Business Strategy. 
Product & Service Development. Consulting & Coaching…



Tap qualified leads & sales, capitalize on social/content, with our Certified Direct Marketing expertise — email, direct mail, 1-1, LinkedIn, stronger CTAs…

MarketPower's expertise includes Direct Response Marketing (Direct Marketing). We've helped build the Atlanta direct marekting community, as key leaders of the Southeast Direct Marketing Association, the Atlanta Direct Marketing Association (now Data & Marketing Association), and other trade groups.



Awesome Sauce!

Spark engagement and sales  with award-winning big ideas &  copywriting, level-up website, empowered social, guerilla, print, video, presentations…


This Atlasnta consultancy helps you engage with your prospects and markets more effectively, with stonger marketing communications as part of the mix we offe you
Okay, it's a coffee cup lid... and it represents business strategy, branding or targeted marketing consult that will change the way you look at your SMB or Fortune 500 company or marketing program. Guaranteed, or we buy the coffee!

Take the lid off — grab a cup of MarketPower!
Gain key insights fast… and get a taste of our unique strategic thinking — IRL or Virtual  

We might add a Digital Business Analysis, which gives us a snapshot of your business, and  identifies key areas that need attention. It's a $350 value... with our compliments. You're buying coffee.

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MarketPower = Your Seriously Unique PowerSource

MarketPower is a unique consultancy…bringing you a rare combination of strategic insight and award-winning marketing communication.

We use our strategic, tactical and creative superpowers to maximize the impact of your products, services, and processes. So your target audiences "get it" and want it.

We don't just "do stuff" (like just slapping new colors onto your website, or pumping out social posts)....


We "do stuff that works" to empower the foundation of your business, and increase profitability.

This combination of skills used to be tough to gain separately from consulting firms and top-tier ad agencies. Now you can tap this integrated circuitry to invent… revitalize… and grow your SMB/SME or Fortune 500 organization.

Take a deep breath and stay a few nanoseconds… discover how this unique consultancy will impact and energize your business.

"Being Smart" can be one of our biggest problems! 
[ From a quick Zoom pesentation ]
"Hey, Joel," you say…"I want to talk about how MarketPower can energize my business!"

• Bringing you a specialized skillset with award-winning Fortune 500 experience… to help you level-up your Small-Medium Business

• Entrepreneurs, Thriving Enterprise, Consultants & Startups

• Agencies, Collaborators & Innovators (Fortune 500 multinationals, too!)

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Grab a cup of MarketPower!

Let's sit down and discuss your SMB or Fortune 500 interests over coffee -- organizational strategy, brand development (branding or brand identity), marketing communication (copywriting and creative direction), direc marketing direct response marketing, including direct mail, email, retargeting, more)... social media marketing (especially LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn marketing engagement.
Half-Hour No-Obligation
Conversation About Your Business

Let's caffeinate your business...

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  • ​Level-Up Website?
  • Next-phase strategic thinking, from strategic planning to product development?
  • Boosted Business Process?
  • Executive & Team Personal Branding?
Let's talk.

In-person. Virtual. Via Avatar (okay, not that.)

We'll outline some smarter thinking, and might even provide our Digital Business Analysis for you.
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Let's talk about what you need to energize your business. From stronger strategy and branding… to award-winning targeted marketing… or other bullseye programs for your company.

Connect on LinkedIn… drop a note… call.  
Joel Alpert atlanta expert smb consultant, specializes in Marketing Communication, Branding, Direct Response Marketing (email and direct mail), LinkedIn (profiles, workshops an marketing), brochures and collateral, and much mor
In addition to branding, marketing and organizational strategy, we help people create a strong LinkedIn profile and build business via many marketing, social, digital, and direct response methods.
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