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We'll help you engage and sell more effectively. 

Tap high-voltage strategic insight for your company... transform your branding impact… and power-up our award-winning targeted marketing.

We'll work with you to recharge your Products & Services Offers/CTA's… and level-up your marketing & customer communications so they produce powerful results.

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MarketPower produces unique brand startwegy, brand development, and brand identity for small and larg companies, products, and services.

Transform your business impact with game-changing branding and strategic thinking. Brand Identity. Business Strategy. 
Product & Service Development. Consulting & Coaching…



Tap qualified leads & sales, capitalize on social/content, with our Certified Direct Marketing expertise — email, direct mail, 1-1, LinkedIn, stronger CTAs…

MarketPower's expertise includes Direct Response Marketing (Direct Marketing). We've helped build the Atlanta direct marekting community, as key leaders of the Southeast Direct Marketing Association, the Atlanta Direct Marketing Association (now Data & Marketing Association), and other trade groups.



Awesome Sauce!

Spark engagement and sales  with award-winning big ideas &  copywriting, level-up website, empowered social, guerilla marketing, print, video, presentations, more…


This Atlanta consultancy helps you engage with your prospects and markets more effectively, with stonger marketing communications as part of the mix we offe you
Coffee cup lid... and it represents business strategy, branding or targeted marketing consult that will change the way you look at your SMB or Fortune 500 company or marketing program.
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This high-value consult will address your interests. Provide valuable insights using a breakthrough consulting approach. And help you sort out your thinking and potential next steps. 


In-Person or Virtual. It's yours, with our compliments.


Before We Talk: Let's make this conversation count: Please take 15 minutes exploring your interests on this site before we talk (even if you've already heard great things about MarketPower). Our unique perspective is guaranteed to add value to your thinking… and we'll gain more from our conversation.

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We don’t just throw social posts at the interweb, to see what sticks. … or build another website with new colors. 


We work with you to build the business.

MarketPower brings your company a one-of-a-kind, turbo-charged combination of revved-up business insight…strategic thinking…, branding… and targeted  marketing.


With a mix that works for your interests. To help your company build a strong foundation and thrive.

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ZAP!    innovative strategic thinking and strategic planning engineered for results

ZAP!   breakthrough branding… or rebranding a business that's evolved

ZAP!   marketing communications which incorporate your brand, strong creative impact, and response

ZAP!   level-up website that's designed by marketing experts to engage and sell

ZAP!   product and service development, process improvement


ZAP!   email, direct mail, social media…with certified expertise 

ZAP!   breakthrough consulting expertise to address a wide range of business issues 

ZAP!   key issues decision-making

ZAP!   new business, positioning and investor presentations

ZAP!   …or use your x-ray vision to scan the Specialized Services Index!

Your business is vital to you. We treat it that way, too.  


This business is called MarketPower for good reason. 

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In-Person or Virtual — and gain key insights fast.  Get a quick taste of our breakthrough strategic thinking — we might even add a Digital Business Analysis, a high-value consult, often part of our strategic program…yours, free!

Spark engagement and new business with award-winning big ideas & copywriting, level-up website, empowered digital, guerilla marketing, print, video, presentations…

Tap qualified leads & sales, capitalize on social, with our Certified Direct Marketing expertise — email, direct mail, 1-1, LinkedIn, stronger Offers/CTAs…


Dealbreaker: We both invest time in our conversation. So you've got to spend 15 minutes exploring your interests on this site (even if you've heard great things about MarketPower, before we talk). Easy? Deal!

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Let's talk about what you need to energize your business. From stronger strategy and branding… to effective, award-winning targeted marketing… or other bullseye business and marketing programs for your company.

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Joel Alpert atlanta expert smb consultant, specializes in Marketing Communication, Branding, Direct Response Marketing (email and direct mail), LinkedIn (profiles, workshops an marketing), brochures and collateral, and much mor
In addition to branding, marketing and organizational strategy, we help people create a strong LinkedIn profile and build business via many marketing, social, digital, and direct response methods.
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