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Customized Team Profiles...Company Pages… targeted lead generation... digital content and marketing…

Group in conlarge conference room, bright sunlit background; LinkedIn Digital Branding & Marketing For Company Executives and Sales Teams helps companies gain engagement, build business relationships, and ultimatly build sales an growth. Ourcustomized pograms cn cover inkedIn content, advertising, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn company page, and other key tools you may use to networ and build sales. We also provide Social Media Maangement focused on LinkedIn.

We bring you a range of tools to create a customized program to get you up to speed quickly. 

  • Customized Executive Packages combine reinventing your personal brand, fresh new profile, contact material for next steps, integrating with your position and the company offerings

  • Full Team Branding —  individual profiles, all within the context of your company branding

  • Company Page - LinkedIn Brand Presence... why it needs to be more, and less

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator for a deep dive into powerful lead generation programs

  • LinkedIn Content Strategy

  • LinkedIn Social Media Management — LinkedIn Posting & Blog Content — we'll manage your program, or train your team

  • LinkedIn Advertising — you mean we could show up in a B2B context, and sell our services on competitors' pages? 

  • LinkedIn 1-to-1 Marketing and Team Skills

  • LinkedIn Coaching

Business-Building Workshop

"I'm an internet marketing consultant — I've been on LinkedIn, for years, knew it was an important thing but simply didn't know how to use it.


Joel showed me things that I never thought about on my profile, how to set it up, how to connect to other people…Joel is a great communicator and marketer. 

"I had about 300 LinkedIn connections and really did not understand how to use LinkedIn as a business tool. Today, at 3:28 pm, I got my 1,000th Connection!!


"I can't sufficiently tell you how great this was! 


Thank you, Joel. You rock, too!!"                           

— Russell Longcore

Digital Marketing Expert



Joel ALpert teaching the unique workshop he developed on developing your LinkedIn  profile, with special tips

​"LinkedIn: Turn Your Profile IntoAn Effective Business Tool… In Just One Session!"



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What are people saying about Atlanta LinkedIn Personal Branding's profile workshop?


How about an unsolicited video from experienced internet marketer who did the workshop....

Atlanta LinkedIn Workshop brings "more practical information than I've ever gained about LinkedIn," one of our participants reports. We cover personal branding, being found on LinkedIn. how to network effectively, what kinds of blog content you should post, LinkedIn etiquette, and much more!

Secret Workshop Tip


Too good to publish here.  If you have a bona fide interest in this workshop, we'll show you how companies and organizations can gain interest, build business... and have the workshop pay for itself or make money!

Bring the unique and exceptional Personal Branding Profile Workshop to your organization

​"LinkedIn: Turn Your Profile Into

An Effective Business Tool… In Just One Session!"

LinkedIn is the undisputed online gathering place for business — and this unique workshop allows you to easily add value to your own organization, and as host of the program for clients and prospects.


The 3-hour workshop — during the day or evening — will give businesspeople dozens of practical tips that will revolutionize their LinkedIn presence.


We developed the fresh content for this workshop to give you maximum impact — it includes personal branding, profile development, active or passive networking… content tips… getting found more easily… company profile… plus a few special ALIPB insider secret tips.


How do you benefit when you host this private LinkedIn workshop?

When you host an Atlanta LinkedIn Workshop by Joel Alpert it provides the host company with…


  • a workshop that has great practical value for your business, and your executive and sales teams

  •  a remarkable opportunity to provide a service for your own team, clients, prospects, referral sources

  • .promotes your organization as engaged with them, offering useful personal services...and your sponsorship provides them with lasting value​​

  • Can be customized to your learning and networking interests. ad can include followup coaching and accountability.

Ask for the "private workshop pdf".....

Let's Talk Workshop
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