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Are you thinking strategically to boost your business… company brand…and marketing communications?

In this fast-paced OMG world, our actions are not always clear, efficient and productive. We want to stimulate fresh ideas and unlock “aha!” moments of insight. This video — with Q&A from the group — was presented to the Sowgrow Marketing Council, a group that shares insider tips on marketing. Watch it with your own business in mind… think of how you might use s

ome of these examples to accelerate your own business growth.

[ Some ways to think about "Strategic Thinking" were presented in a workshop in the Atlanta Area on March 7, 2024…

Here are some of those topics that open up our strategic thinking, that can be used for strategic planning,… developing marketin gplans and social media content programs…

• Defining strategic thinking: Are we tackling the right challenges and assumptions?

• Navigating the nuances between Strategy and Branding: Understanding the crucial distinctions and identifying opportunities for synergy.

• Branding impressions… and beyond those first impressions. Some unconventional insights into the opportunities we may miss to shape our company brand

• The strategic importance of Product Development and Refinement: How it influences branding and drives profitability.

• Insider tips from a robust strategic planning process: Discover how to leverage strategic planning as both a strength and a potential pitfall.

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Joel Alpert is Chief Lightbulb at MarketPower, and brings experience and expertise to SMB, He's trained and worked with renowned strategic innovator Robert Fritz… and has worked for Fortune 500, SMB, startups, solopreneurs… at top national ad agencies, and with  his consultancy, MarketPower. Get in touch if you want to explore customizable programs to integrate your strategy, branding and targeted marketing.


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