Atlanta strategic consultant asks: Are you gaining real business insight? 

Strategic consulting conversation with strategist and executive, in front of NYC subway map, suggesting business raodmap or landscape.

Atlanta Strategic Consultant Joel Alpert of MarketPower says: "Fresh insightful strategic thinking will make a big difference to a business. But lots of "strategic thinking" is not strategic, with little thinking."

Are you getting a quick opinion based on the consultant's quick opinion or past experience… or are you gaining real insight based on your business?


Business Insight

MarketPower's unique strategic consulting is completely practical. Focused. Transparent. Part of a holistic skillset.


We gain focus based on the way your business really works, and how the component pieces fit together.  So we can work together to produce powerful impact that works for your business.



This page introduces some of the exceptional tools we use, and some perspective about how we think about your business.

It's "Optional Reading." 


You really don't need to know how our strategic process works…for it to work powerfully for your business

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THINKING encouraged!
Atlanta strategic consultant Joel Alpert leads a "naming session" at a technology company, with a team of company executives, wotking on naming a series of new products and services.

Let's start with a fundamental reality:

"Some ways of thinking

are more powerful than others!"

We work with powerful thinking and action tools to help you gain higher impact.


What to do. How to do it. How to make those plans more effective.


This is based on 15 years of focused work with one of the world's leading thinkers, Robert Fritz, who developed the field of Structural Consulting… combined with MarketPower's targeted, award-winning programs for some of the largest and smallest companies in America.

This specialized consulting is… 

  • based on objectives, facts and breakthrough strategic thinking …not random opinions

  • holistic and "relational"…not disconnected, truly integrated, within the context and components of your business

  • integrates brilliantly -- as it absolutely should! — with our engaging, award-winning, creative marketing communications

  • built on uniquely-effective thinking tools that make a difference… thinking tools which you won't find most anywhere else.

Plus, we've gained all kinds of strategic consulting tools, processes, and insights, working with great people in Atlanta, NYC, and across the country. 


So there are no "disconnects" between strategy … branding… product/service development…  tactics… or marketing. ​

Strategic Planning

Breakthrough Thinking

Problem Solving

Growth Hacking


What's behind this Atlanta-based strategic consultant's processes for producing 
business impact?

Roadmap of strategic guidanc and strategic consulting rpresents to guidance we provide to growing companies.
Strategic consultant shows visualization of structural dynamics strategic consulting process, that incudes apects of visual thinking, like a storyboard.

Our strategic consulting approach Is Consultative and Advisory. This strategic consultant's tools are way different than anything you've worked with…



Our strategic consulting goes beyond vague, fuzzy definitions and goals. And brings out the best thinking of you and your team. 

Our breakthrough "thinking approach" may appear similar to other ideas you're familiar with.  However, this strategic consulting heavily incorporates breakthrough consulting tools developed by Robert Fritz, Inc., known as innovators in the field of strategic insight, Plus insights working with leaders in strategy, branding, direct marketing, human potential and creativity.  You'll quickly see the efficiency and value of these thinking tools for your business.


Pin marks the right spot for strategic consulting.


Structural Tension Charting shows levels of startgi planning and management process.
Gain strategic thinking that's likek a GPS -- may not even be available only at top consulting companies.
We've wn 27 gold and silver SouthStar Awards, presnted by the Fdata &and Marketing Association, for the unique conbination of strategy, creativity and results.
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So more specifically… what strategic thinking tools are in this kit,  and how do you use them?
  • Structural Dynamics Consulting & Coaching —  a consulting approach that addresses complex issues quickly and insightfully.  It's a unique form of visual-based thinking, which helps us look at your business and the marketplace holistically… gaining remarkable new strategic insights and opportunities. The toolkit also includes powerful Structural Dynamics tools of focused vision, clarification, discrepancy and implications. Then it overlays an understanding of actions and patterns of activity… how they're affecting your results, and how we can improve them…and more.

  • No Problem-Solving …at least not the old-fashioned way. We don't "solve problems" by only addressing the "Whac-A-Mole" symptoms that keep popping up to bite you in the ass again.  We "solve problems" more effectively with solutions that address the cause of an issue. It's the difference between deleting emails again and again… or unsubscribing. It's the difference between demolition and architecture.

  •  Digital Decision-Making is a unique and efficient form of Strategic Decision-Making — turning most any analog “apples and oranges” dilemma into a definitive digital decision. This remarkable strategic decision tool can be used to address a wide range of vexing business issues. (More on this below.)

  • PowerCoaching — if we can work through difficult business issues, decisions, or assumptions, you can produce better results, faster

  • PowerBranding and PowerPlanning — our Breakthrough Strategic Planning & Branding Processes.  Remarkable consulting and tools to enable your business to move to your next level. With both the 30,000-foot view plus the drill-down details as we craft your program… video "consulting prompts"…  a clear action plan, and more.

  • Business & Marketing PowerConsulting — You may need a Marketing Plan, or want to develop new channels to reach key market segments. You may need a short-term strategic program to build a successful conference. You may want to boost diminishing returns on an email campaign.  We've visited a lot of conference rooms and applied our strategic skills to all kinds of tactical business and marketing challenges... let's talk about what you need.

While some other agencies can bring creativity… we bring award-winning creativity that's highly strategic. Backed by this unusually clear objectivity. Our strategic consulting tools are transparent, and allow for "Shared Vision" with "Controlled Autonomy." So companies can naturally engage their own people.. All this so we can leverage opportunities to define and create what you want, and grow your success. 

Smaller Companies Can Now Get Big Agency Creative Marketing plus Smarter Consulting 


Most SMB companies aren’t getting the strategic insights that make big differences in business, offered by top consulting firms. Or the concept and creative skills for marketing engagement, offered by top agencies.


We work primarily with SMB — and we’ve worked for some of the world’s top advertising agencies in NYC and The ATL, with a focus on response-oriented marketing — Ogilvy & Mather, Rapp Collins Worldwide (Young & Rubicam). Stone & Adler (Doyle Dane Bernbach). BKV. Tucker Wayne (now 22 Squared). Those are some of the biggest players around.


And we have experience working with a range of Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T, Best Western. CSX Transportation. Doubleday. Equifax. And so many small clients — technology, home services, consulting, much more. You get the picture (see the full client list and really get the picture!). 

With MarketPower, you get access to the combination of smarter consulting… and effective, award-winning business communications. We tell you the truth. We don't just "do stuff"... we do stuff that builds foundation and produces results — at far lower costs than big consulting firms or large ad agencies. And much of our thinking tools aren't even offered at these reputable organizations. We bring you practical specialized skills that produce better results faster.


Giving you a seamless mix of strategic consultant, branding consultant, marketing consultant in every meeting,  (Yes, there are lots of Testimonials.)


Yes, Yes… We Do Want To Know What You Think…

But NO-NO-NO, we DO NOT send you Questionnaires!


If any agency, consultant, or freelancer asks you to fill out a questionnaire to define your objectives or approaches... run away! They should have lots of experience and tools, and should be helping you define and refine that!


Questionnaires rely on fill-in-the-blanks answers. That's a response. But there's little "thinking" involved — you're just accessing your mental database for "the answers" -- like when you respond to "what's your address?" 

Your company’s biggest assets are not above the line… they’re above the neck! We help you think it through and add to the conversation. We’ll gain information… clarify perspective… chart a path forward quickly.​

We Are Out To Make A Difference.

Sometimes the results are incremental — and small simple, changes to your existing strategy, branding, marketing or processes can create big impact.


Sometimes the results are transformational.


We're not just making changes. We're making a big difference.

College student creative portrait._edite

“Perhaps the only thing more rewarding than hiring someone on the gut instinct that they have what it takes to play on your team — marketing savvy, creative excellence, strategic prowess, commitment — is discovering two years down the road and many projects later that you’re still as sure of your decision as you were when you made it."

Randi Drinkwater

Advertising Mgr.

Equifax Marketing Decision Systems

Leica / Erdas Software


“Almost everyone is busy trying to get the wings to flap faster, rather than asking the questions that might begin to reveal the structural causes of their limitations.”

— Peter Senge

Writing about the difference Robert Fritz's consulting approach makes, in the Forward to "The Path Of Least Resistance For Managers."  Author of The Fifth Discipline …innovator in the field of Systems Theory.

"Being Smart" can be one of our biggest problems! 
[ From a quick Zoom pesentation ]
"Hey, Joel," you say…"I want to talk about how MarketPower can energize my business!"

"Every professional sells you on their competency via their portfolio of accomplishments for clients, or by professional recognition. But in a professional you don't just want to pay for their product, you want them to connect directly to your business so they produce the results you are paying for.

     Joel analyzed our organization and understood from an objective perspective that although we wanted to expand our business, from a capacity standpoint we were not yet ready to handle an increase. (Otherwise it would be a waste of our marketing dollars, since even if we gained new business, we’d likely deliver a poor quality product.)

     By Joel refusing to market for us before we were ready (working with us on strategy, positioning, and building infrastructure), he proved to me not only his ethics, but also his professional competency.

     He was unwilling to sell his services to me although his fee would benefit him. He is focused on benefiting your business, not his. This is the highest compliment I can pay — he is a true professional.”

Gregg Frank

Managing Director

Robinson Rabinowitz & Bernstein

Digital Decision Making enables compnies to mae fast, clear strategic decisions.
Make focused, clear business decisions with Digital Decision Making, a transparen starwetgic decision-making tool.
Digital Decision Making helps businesspopel make important #businessdecisions.

Strategic Decision-Making

For Business, On Steroids.

Strategic decision-making is stronger, with Digital Decision Making, moving beyind apples and oranges analog thinking, into digital thinking.

Digital Decision-MakingSM

Business decisions can be tough. These can involve anything from developing a new product, service or new venture… hiring/firing... moving locations... partnering with other companies…., They may include issues regarding time…money… people… risk… resources… change… or just about anything else. 

Sometimes these perplexing problems seem like an unsolvable matrix. Or they seem like comparing apples and oranges. Or it's seems like it's hard to win whichever way you choose.


Digital Decision-Making (sm), helps you think through any vexing business decision quickly. We help you evaluate key factors objectively and the decision points become clear. The answer becomes apparent. So you can definitively move forward based on a straightforward choice.

Digital Decision Making is a remarkable tool that helps us make enigmatic "apples and oranges" dilemmas into good decisions with laser clarity.

When compared to weeks or months of struggling through tricky business  decisions, the value of this process is invaluable.

This unique "digital thinking" process is part of Structural Dynamics consulting,  developing by strategic innovators Robert Fritz, Inc. We've trained and worked with these principles for decades. These tools can be used for a range of business issues (and even personal issues inside or outside the business). 

Yep…inquire within.

"You got me all charged up, gimme more…" you say?


A unique and powerful strategic approach to brand identity and development that will energize your business!


Re-Brand?  Brand Refresh? 

What's the difference? 

Does it matter? 



Business Strategy

When you want fast and comprehensive Strategic Action Plan for business strategy, branding, and consulting to supercharge your business

Want the secret behind why so many efforts fail?  Ready to go inside The Matrix?
You say you love that "Rubber Band" video (at the top of the PowerBlog page), about clear and powerful thinking structures to produce results? (Good to view that first, but whatever…)

So why aren't all of your efforts as simple as a rubber band? Here's a peek at the next level down into The Strategic Matrix.
(This is so authentic you'll even see breaks in The Matrix!) 

⚠️ (This quick and candid presentation is for courageous, clear-headed businesspeople only — you have been warned!)

[ If you think this strategy stuff can be "a bit much"... check out this  Hidden Link! ]
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This efficient high-value consult will provide an objective and unique reality check that often starts our strategic programs.

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