Insider Secrets Of An Atlanta Strategic Consultant

What's Behind Our

Strategic Impact?


"Some ways of thinking

are more powerful than others!"



We work with powerful thinking and action tools to help you gain higher impact.


This is based on 15 years of focused study with one of the world's leading thinkers, Robert Fritz, who developed the field of Structural Consulting. 

This specialized consulting is… 

  • fact-based…not random opinions

  • holistic and "relational"…not disconnected, truly integrated

  • built on uniquely-effective thinking tools that make a difference, which you won't find elsewhere..

We gain insight into how pieces of your business puzzle are related… or should be, So there are no "disconnects" between strategy … branding… product/service development…  or marketing 

Strategic Planning

Breakthrough Thinking

Problem Solving

Growth Hacking


NOTICE: This page introduces some of the specific tools we use.

You really don't need to read it. 

If you want to know more about who you will trust with helping build your company's success, and what's behind some of the proprietary consulting skills and approach we bring to you… (whoomp!) here it is...


Our approach Is Consultative And Advisory. This Strategic Consultant's Tools Are Way Different. 


Our strategic consulting goes beyond vague, fuzzy definitions and goals. And brings out the best thinking of you and your team. 

Our breakthrough "thinking approach" includes master consulting tools developed by Robert Fritz, Inc., which we studied over two decades (and we think these continue to be the best around).



Structural Tension Charting shows levels of startgi planning and management process.

"Joel really distinguishes himself by focusing significant time upfront on understanding your business and your objectives. This time spent at the beginning of the process, laying out the overall positioning and value proposition, was key in guiding the content and site development."

(See "They're Saying...')


"Joel is one of those rare people that can match business strategy and creative marketing and truly understands the challenges of being the owner of a company. Work with Joel and you'll get 'off the fence' and great things begin to happen!"

(See "They're Saying...")


Strategic Decision-Making

For Business, On Steroids

Digital Decision-MakingSM

Business decisions can be tough. These can involve anything from developing a new product, service or new venture… hiring/firing... moving locations... partnering with other companies…., They may include issues of time… money… people… risk… resources,… change… or just about anything else. 

Sometimes these perplexing problems seem like an unsolvable matrix. Or they seem like comparing apples and oranges. Or it's seems like it's hard to win whichever way you choose.


Digital Decision Making (sm), helps you think through any vexing business decision quickly. We catalog and evaluate key factors objectively and transparently. So the decision points become clear. The answer becomes apparent. So you can definitively move forward based on a straightforward choice.

Digital Decision Making is a remarkable tool that helps us make enigmatic "apples and oranges" situations with laser-like clarity.

When compared to the months that most companies will allocate to high-level decisions, the value of this process is invaluable.

This unique "digital thinking" process is part of Structural Dynamics consulting,  developing by strategic innovators Robert Fritz, Inc. These tools can be used for a range of business issues (and even personal issues inside or outside the business). 

Digital Business AnalysisSM

Want to get an objective overview of "where your company is at"…accurately and quickly?


Digital Business Analysis is a 30,000-foot-view of key business factors...marketplace needs... might confirm what you suspect or know... what you should focus on… and what’s trending within your own business. Gaining this high-definition perspective is usually an "aha" moment.

It's also an extraordinary  way for us to understand key factors of your business as we get started working with you. 

When we use this tool along with our consulting conversation…it takes less than an hour, sometimes as little as 20 minutes.


“Perhaps the only thing more rewarding than hiring someone on the gut instinct that they have what it takes to play on your team — marketing savvy, creative excellence, strategic prowess, commitment — is discovering two years down the road and many projects later that you’re still as sure of your decision as you were when you made it."


(see “They’re Saying…”)

Want to accomplish your objectives with accountability and greater 


Want to sort out difficult business problems or personal issues 

Want o make important business or life decisions, and move forward with clarity​?

Ready for some powerful, practical coaching? 

"Joel is one of those rare individuals who is adept and successful at both strategic and tactical marketing. He has the ability to analyze a complex marketing issue or problem correctly and proffer smart recommendations."

(see “They’re Saying…”)

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