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Atlanta Strategic Consultant says there are plenty of ways to take action, develop products and services and branding and social media marketing, but…


consultant and client conversation, sitting on park bench... with NYC Subway map in the background



Business Insight is an eye-opener!


Our innovative strategic thinking is not "looseleaf binder babble"…it helps you…


  • develop stronger, calibrated direction for your business

  • gain profitability faster, and can incorporate the same or different approaches

  • be more efficient, reducing waste 

  • leapfrog beyond "quicksand thinking"

  • clarify and "deconstruct" complex issues across the business and resolve them effectively — such as employee and team. logistics, internal communications, hiring, boosting key processes, and more

  • discover better ways of offering your products and services

  • complement the skills and perspectives of owners and business leaders, with insight and coaching

  • ideation and implementation, bringing on select team players, if needed

  • gain real traction in the marketplace.


We help your business with rare strategic thinking skills you won't find elsewhere.

And a fresh unbiased viewpoint.

Real insight rocks.

two squares of a chessboard, representing strategic consulting for CEOs and management executives
chess queen, representing strategy consultant guidance

PowerConsulting is available
ala carte… 
as part of PowerPlanning Business Strategy… or as part of your package of customized Quarterly Support


We'll help you level-up across your business, with  powerful, breakthrough strategic smarts 

We bring you a truly unique approach that combines innovative strategic thinking and methods… plus huge experience working with solopreneurs to Fortune 500

PowerConsulting ​we work in partnership with business owners and managers to help address issues and opportunities (beyond a "problem solving" orientation, to producer longer-term results). We clearly define key issues, so we can get at their real cause… and produce the desired results.


PowerPlanning — we'll work with you to chart your overall business direction (see below), 

PowerCheck — Tap a straightforward Audit, of your Branding, Marketing Communications, Business Processes  with Custom Recommendations

PowerBoost — evaluate and develop your products and services to the next level (or invent new ones!).


Marketing Strategy — to ensure your business … > leds to Strong Branding > effective marketing programs.


Customized Presentations — for events, new business, investors…

PowerCoaching — Supporting executives in to sort through issues, make vexing decisions, establish  accountability,

Of course we can discuss and tell you more. We use specialized skills and customize our services to meet your interests 

strategic action plan chartng, part of our business strategy program for companies
chess queen, reprenting powerful strategic planning and business plans


No more "3-ring binder babble"! We define and map your do-able Strategic Action Plan


This strategic process is comprehensive and completely practical, providing an outlined plan for advancing all areas of the business.


This is not Artificial Intelligence — it brings out the best intelligence from you and your team. It usually includes 3-days of highly-focused off-site thinking (flexible process).

PowerPlanning results in a clarity of vision shared by all… usually includes PowerBranding… an accountable action plan… and engagement among your employees which likely surpasses anything you've done before.

We can help hand this off to your team, or support you along the path of your company growth.

Strategic Planning
Branding-Page screenshot
chess queen representng our strategic branding, or brand strategy program


Strategic & Creative Expertise To Transform Your Brand Impact

Our branding and ReBranding for Small-Medium Business (SMB/SME) is highly strategic,designed to produce tools that accelerate your engagement with prospects and clients.

We work with you on the business brand, and it's products and services. And if those products and services need tweaks to make them more attractive to your prospects we bring expert guidance — substance, style, marketing communication.

It's our most popular strategic tool, can be a hybrid part-way to Business Strategy, and is customized to your interests.

person wearing wings and flapping, in early days of aviation, representing business effort to develop strategi cplaning and solving strategy issues

“Almost everyone is busy trying to get the wings to flap faster, rather than asking the questions that might begin to reveal the structural causes of their limitations.”

— Peter Senge,

Renowned consultant and innovator, Author of The Fifth Discipline… innovator in the field of Systems Theory… writing about the difference Robert Fritz's consulting approach makes, in the Forward to "The Path Of Least Resistance For Managers."  

photo of Joel in front of-safe, making "shhhh" gesture to represent secrets of strategic insight

Want to know what's behind this "Strategic Thinking"?

Strategic Secret #1:

You don't have to know what's behind our Strategic Thinking, for it to work brilliantly for you. But you might've  thought there's more to strategic thinking than fill-in-the-blank questionnaires!

Strategic Secret #2:

Many people want to go beyond  "claims" of capabilities, and want to know more. So we spill some of our principles and approach on a special page. (And it will likely provide some good ideas you can use yourself!)

“Perhaps the only thing more rewarding than hiring someone on the gut instinct that they have what it takes to play on your team — marketing savvy, creative excellence, strategic prowess, commitment — is discovering two years down the road and many projects later that you’re still as sure of your decision as you were when you made it."

Randi Drinkwater

Advertising Mgr.

Equifax Marketing Decision Systems

Leica / Erdas Software

Strategic Secrets

Your strategic business needs are specific, and may be in areas, such as…

process flow diagram, representing startegun thinking, business strategy, and solving strategy problems

​We don't throw around the Fortune 500 catchphrases, we employ a do-able and transparent thinking process developed by strategic innovator Robert Fritz, to produce practical results:

  • ​​Strategic Planning to create direction, focus and accountability for the direction you analyze and choose

  • Product & Service Development

  • Addressing issues and dilemmas

  • Making Key Business Decisions

  • Dealing with  Management Issues

  • Working out processes that work

  • Team issues, or intersect of business and personal issues

  • …and other issues that come up in your business.


There are all kinds of issues that company owners, directors, and managers deal with, to manage and grow. Sorting through them can be tricky, and we bring an innovative skillset to help.

Digital Decision Making enables compnies to mae fast, clear strategic decisions.
Make focused, clear business decisions with Digital Decision Making, a transparen starwetgic decision-making tool.
Digital Decision Making helps businesspeople clarify and make important business decisions
part of 3-image group, showing strategic business  function of digital decision-making

When business owners, directors and managers encounter tough decisions, they'll want to use a powerful and unique thinking tool called…
Digital Decision-MakingSM

Strategic Decision-Making
For Business, On Steroids.

Digital Decision-Making

"Every professional sells you on their competency via their portfolio of accomplishments for clients, or by professional recognition. But in a professional you don't just want to pay for their product, you want them to connect directly to your business so they produce the results you are paying for.

     Joel analyzed our organization and understood from an objective perspective that although we wanted to expand our business, from a capacity standpoint we were not yet ready to handle an increase. (Otherwise it would be a waste of our marketing dollars, since even if we gained new business, we’d likely deliver a poor quality product.)

     By Joel refusing to market for us before we were ready (working with us on strategy, positioning, and building infrastructure), he proved to me not only his ethics, but also his professional competency.

     He was unwilling to sell his services to me although his fee would benefit him. He is focused on benefiting your business, not his. This is the highest compliment I can pay — he is a true professional.”

Gregg Frank

Managing Director

Robinson Rabinowitz & Bernstein

Strategic Thinking

chariots were built for a specific scale, thinking doesn't have to be stuck there; for startegic consultant impact

Is some of your company's thinking stuck in a rut?  Many companies and their leaders can get stuck on certain  assumptions. We come by these honestly. If you'd like to see what this feels like, and how this can play out in our business actions,
CLICK for a minute.

Are you thinking strategically to advance your business goals? This quick presentation to the Sowgrow Marketing Council outlines the case for thinking things through… and may spark some ideas for your own business!

"Hey Joel, tell me why it's  a good idea to ignorant! 
[ From an informal Zoom presentation to a group of experienced marketing professionals ]

CONFESSION: We really don't like calling this part of our work "Strategic Consulting"!

So if the title “Strategic Consultant”  makes you cringe…we agree!

vector imaege of hand on a bible, representing a strategic consultant's confession -- that we don't like calling our working strategic consultin

Some rare strategic consulting is strong...but there's so much "consultant babble" out there, it can make you scream! [ 😱 insert SCREAM! here ] We like to call our work Strategic Thinking. Or Business Insight. Because it’s not boilerplate or 3-ring binder babble. About "babb;e"… something unusual that happenned to MarketPower's "Chief Lightbulb" Joel Alpert. He was ambushed by an iconic multi-billionaire CEO during a presentation of strategic and marketing recommendations to his top executives. The CEO came in and attacked Joel with a barrage of questions showing toxic skepticism of the recommendations. 😱 The executive management team had just been wowed. Joel pushed back against the CEO's "aggressive" questioning. Why the attack, Joel thought, if Joel was helping them?! Joel had worked for weeks on those recommendations, and they were good, or at least Joel thought so.. Why have these be obliterated by a random ambush…even if this guy was the CEO? So Joel gave a to-the-point explanation to every successive attacking question, defending the recommendations, and clarifying any misconceptions that were brought up. The CEO barely nods, walks out without a word. The room was quiet for a minute. "Yikes! Did I just do the right thing?" Joel asks himself. Breathe… Joel retreated to his "onsite office." For 20 minutes after the meeting, Joel expected to be uncerimoniously kicked out and to be headed back to the airport for slamming the CEO's assumptive attacks in front of his execs. About 20 minutes later, the 2nd in command comes by. Turns out this iconic CEO hates hates hates consultants! But -- for the first-time ever, Joel was told — this business icon would pick him up at 12:35 at the South Entrance… to continue the conversation over lunch! In the car Joel asked where we were headed… assuming it was going to be a fancy L.A. restaurant. The boss said we were headed in his 15-year-old Toyota Road Runner to his home in Beverly Hills! The CEO goes to his refrigerator He made a good sandwich, and he even had rye bread. He told Joel that consultants and his underlings often don't tell him the truth — he can't stand that — he likes his reality unvarnished. And he really liked my recommendations and straightforward defense of his points when under attack. Hot damn! It was a great conversation — covering strategy, branding, direct marketing, operations, even tricky decisions regarding personnal and how two of his teams were working together. Lunch lasted over 2 hours! And by the time he got back to his hotel, Joel had a bottle of 25-year-old Balvenie Skotch sent by the CEO waiting for him! That was a really good day!


You'll likely find everything you need with the navigation menu. If you want to drill down into the specialized PowerTools we might use to accelerate your business success, you can poke around:   Services Index

CEO Attacks Joel

Grab a cup of MarketPower

30-Minute Complimentary Coffee Consult. In-Person or Virtual.

What do you want to create or tweak? Want to gain vital strategic insight? Or a combination of practical tools for your business?​


This efficient high-value consult will provide an objective and unique reality check that often starts our strategic programs.

It's yours, with our compliments.

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