BRAND STAMP introduced differente between startegy, branding, rebrand, and marketing

What's involved with "Branding" and Brand Strategy,  brand marketing and website design… how should you think about all this…?

If your branding is off-point...your prospects and customers are missing the point of your business! 


That branding starts with an a focused articulation of what you do. Looking strategically at the business and how it operates and presents itself. It starts with logo and tagline, but that ain't where it ends.

This strategic focus ripples on down through your…

  • line of products and services

  • your marketing tactics

  • details of your messaging content

  • social media branding and social media strategy

  • all presentations (sales, speaking, executive, investors)

  • trade shows

  • sales calls

  • logistics

  • management

  • product/service delivery, customer experience

and beyond.


Getting it right is a big deal. It makes a huge difference to your business. Your branding differentiates you from the competition, and enables you to engage and sell what you do best!

We're not just producing new brand colors and logo, we're talking about a game-changing shift of style and substance

We love producing the visual side of branding -- new logo and colors and website design. But we need to back that up with more, to make your business work. And that extends across products and services, and the way you offer them. Your customer interactions. And across all communications


Every business is different. We are likely to clarify what you offer… find out what your audience (really) wants… and make sure the communications tools we develop for you online and offline work together to help you engage and sell more powerfully.


You might need a complete brand or rebrand, or a relatively simpler reboot. We might look at your sales process, and rework your website to reflect that. For example, we might look at how you're setting goals, and what you;'re doing to achieve them.


Whether more or less is needed, the goals are the same. We want to develop branding  that's effective at focusing on where you company's offerings and your customers' interests intersect. And use that as a fundamental part of your overall strategic development and marketing.


And, yes, your PowerBranding program is customized.

Brand Strategy starts with Company Name, Logo and Tagline, and extends through Level-2 messaging, user experience, brand marketing/social media

From that first impression on your business cards and in business conversations…your target audience should remember your company name when they hit their web browser.  

Then beyond website design, your "brand strategy" is not separate from "business strategy." And "Brand Marketing" starts with having a brand identity and content to market!

We'll guide you through the process, and process what you need to make it work.

Where did this strategic brand thinking come from?

No, it's not just marketing babble… and, no, we didn't make this stuff up. This innovative strategic thinking work combines a decade-plus of study with Robert Fritz, Inc.... and MarketPower’s award-winning tactics & creativity. This unique combo is pretty awesome. 

As we work together, we’ll think freshly. Our powwows will provide fresh perspective and insight. Leading to big-picture perspective… and the details to caffeinate, engage and sell your best target prospects.

The result will go well beyond what you’ve done before. 


Are you up for that? 

Want to know the drill-down

details on PowerBranding? 

The Unique Process. And Deliverables.

Customized to your interests.

Brand development process outline is an overvie of our unique brand devlopemn process, based on the work of MarketPower and Robert Fritz, Inc.



(you've never done anything like PowerBranding!)


may include…

PowerBranding deliverables can be customized to youer interests and needs -- they can include company nae, logo, taglie, website redesign, collateal materials, video, presenations, brand marketing, and more.

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Audience at a Performance

CEOs and CFOs quite fairly ask...


"Does branding have a business case behind it?"

Atlanta Brand Consultant 

Answers A Fair Question: 

What's the real value of branding?

“The intangible element of the combined market capitalization of the S&P 500 has increased to around 80%, compared with some 30% twenty years ago, and is likely to grow even further as tangible distinctions between businesses become less sustainable"


➤ The brand element of that combined market value amounts to around one-third of the total, which confirms the brand as the most important single corporate asset.”                

—  “Brands And Branding” (Bloomberg Press)

Click Here for some more financial perspective on the real dollar value of branding...a blog post we excerpted from "Brands And Branding."

Let's energize your business!
Brand consultant Joel Alpert brings PowerBranding to the market, combinn Robert Fritz Inc.'s unique structural dynamics brand strategy process.

Are you thinking about Branding or ReBranding your business...or developing your business strategy so your efforts are more effective? 

If you are, you're going to want to see this pdf — describing the power of branding... why this approach is so strong... and showing samples of our branding and the marketing programs they lead to.


Drop a note and we'll send it to you.

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