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Is Direct Marketing Your Secret Weapon? 

Direct Marketing (also known as Direct Response Marketing) is about identifying prospects. Benefit-oriented selling. Media you might not have considered. Strong offers. Persuasive, action-oriented content. Targeted Marketing that produce results.




Fresh. And time-tested. With certifications. Awards, and testimonials from clients amped about the results.


David Ogilvy considered Direct Marketing his "secret weapon" — and this approach remains powerful across a wide range of digital media. 

Direct Marketing — also known as Direct Response Marketing and Database Marketing — is a highly-targeted marketing approach. Why would you "target" just anybody? 


Direct Marketing includes Prospect and Customer Data, Offer/CTA, sophisticated benefit-oriented creative selling approaches designed to elicit response. In any medium  social, email, direct mail (flat and 3-dimensional), print ads, digital ads, Direct Response TV and radio, billboards, retargeting, and more.

You can gain leads and sales via phone response… provide promo or access codes and links, and drive people to a landing page or website… build a higher level of awareness and engagement, and much more.

When does Direct Response Marketing work best?

This approach works best when highly targeted... and it's highly valuable for small and large companies and non-profits. Your customer database is your strongest resource in this regard. And if its segmented and ready in a CRM system, even better.

Email and direct mail are proven workhorses for this targeted marketing approach. And "snail mail" puts your message in the hands of your prospects and customers, in an infinite variety of formats, for their full attention. 


And if you have select high-end prospects, we can help you gain high impact among these key prospects, C-Level executives, and other special must-get audiences, with 3-Dimensional promotional mailings.


Dimensional mailings cut through the clutter with highest response rates —  engaging key prospects with this highest-impact breakthrough messaging.

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"As you know, your team’s direct mail piece was tested against another direct mail package we had developed elsewhere -- yours pulled three times the response.”

Nancy Payne, Direct Mail Manager


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3D "blueprints" mailer in a tube, marketing a not-yet-completed subdivision, for an ad agency client in Mississipi

3-D - Dimensional Mail

'3-part campaign to introduce IBM/CD Group's new eCommerce software platform, resulting in successful launch of the program (after 2 other agency attempts). 

4-part 3-D campaign targeted for shipping managers, to introduce or expand their use of CSX Transportation's intermodal services


Digital Response Media

Banner ad retargeting a CTA/Offer from an IT consulting firm

Animated banner ad targeted to trade show attendees, and retargeted

Linked email graphic promoting a special event


Direct Mail, Self-Mailers  and Email

Disruptive direct mail for Champion Mortage

AirTouch/Verizon:  Self-Mailer "customer satisfaction survey" also identified interests of high-end purchasing accounts

Email promoting a consulting offer from a specialized insurance company

Final email in a campaign promoting a community event

Postcard invitation, part of a series, promoting annual insurance conference.

Effective, award-winning work

in other engagement media

Company/Product/Service Names...Logos...Taglines​


"Joel is truly a person that has taught me and impressed me with his deep and wide understanding of Direct Response Marketing when I had the opportunity to work with him. Even though he is a Master at his craft — he never stops being a student of the discipline. Trust him."


(see "They're Saying...")

Joel Alpert (middle) with recognized industry icons Bob Stone (left) and Martin Baier (right) at the Professional Direct Marketer certification program at the Center For Direct Marketing.


Bob Stone co-founded the renowned Stone & Adler agency, known for his strategic and creative thinking. He is author of the acclaimed "bible of Direct Marketing."  and he said:

"Joel is a talented and creative marketer...

with a flair for the unexpected!"


Martin Baier, author of Contemporary Direct and Interactive Marketing, and one of the inventors of the ZIP code system. said:

"Joel has given us some of the strongest

strategy,  creativity, and presentations we've had.…" 


David Ogilvy called Direct Response Marketing his "secret weapon"…want to make Joel Alpert your secret weapon?

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