What is a Rebrand?

What is a Brand ReFresh?



Don't get hung up in the definitions — branding and rebranding are on a continuum. Which do you need?

We define a "rebrand" very flexibly, because we appreciate that people think about these differently, and one size doesn't fit all. You may need more or less of a change.

Atlanta Branding Consultant Says PowerReBrand Is Your Business Reboot

As consultants in the branding process we're often asked how a new look helps with sales. It only helps some, it might freshen up an old look. However, a "rebrand" should not be purely superficial, like painting a fence.  When done well, it shifts substance and perception.


And you can screw up by taking "quick fix" action capriciously.


Components may include…

  • company name

  • tagline

  • overall brand positioning

  • Level-2 messaging

  • tweaking products and services

  • website architecture and design

  • sales and customer service interactions,

  • social media branding and messaging

  • all presentations ( sales, speaking, executive, investors)

  • trade shows

  • product/service delivery, customer experience

  • and beyond.

or anything else relevant that tells people who you are,  what you offer, or why they should want to engage with your business.


When we take into account your changing market,,,"where you're at"...as well as where you're going... you can preserve brand equity, and make your brand far more effective and profitable in your field.

And the best part of your PowerReBrand? It's built on the shoulders of PowerBranding!

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