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BRAND-AID Branding: Big Ideas Can Be Small. So Small Ideas Can Be Big!

Nothing Comes Closer To Getting Under Your Skin Than This Simple Branding Idea

Most branding efforts focus on name, logo, and tagline....and are primarily driven by graphic design. (While that's a good start, that can be a boo-boo, as "branding identity" should be based on strategic thinking about the product, markets and the match of interests, first....and then executed with brilliant creativity by logo and website designers who understand that brand direction.) important as strategically-driven name, logo and tagline, quite a few other considerations are vital – products and services which support the brand, and are communicated in an integrated style, and all inbound and outbound marketing that delivers those communications, and more.

Okay, that said...

Branding can be supported by little things: Even something as simple as a "Band-Aid"...


....or, at least an "adhesive bandage," put out under the Walgreen’s name and logo.

How do I come to this conclusion? Simple experience — from a shot in the arm that I got at the local Walgreen’s.

You walk in. They poke you with a needle. Whether you’re “good with needles” or not, that little adhesive bandage makes you feel better. It’s covered up. “All better!”

Walgreen’s had somebody thinking. They realized this feel-better moment is a good moment to remind you that you just got poked at Walgreens. The red “adhesive bandage” they slap on your arm is as close as you can get to a consumer. It’s very personal, you’re placing it on your own body. It even works with your own body’s OS, the built-in Auto-Reminder...called itching. And its got their logo on it. Nice. Simple. Effective. Sometimes it’s the “little things” that make an impression.

---- -

--- ---- Joel Alpert is a Branding & Marketing Wizard based out of Atlanta, who is apparently enamored with the Walgreens adhesive bandage. Band Aid Adhesive Bandage is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson. Walgreens sells a lot of their stuff, too.


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