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Welcome To The Deli: Buyers Want Real Meat. So don't try to sell "It's like natural" when it's not

Deli meat and big pecs can be scary. But not as scary to a business as distorting the truth and turning off customers!

My favorite commercial a few years ago was the “Welcome To The Deli” spot, from Applegate. They sell natural and organic meats. It’s very funny.

And it hits its branding target right between the bovine eyes.

The reason why this commercial tastes so good is because it addresses the evasive advertising-speak that so many companies use. But the truth is…

In branding — in business — the truth is, you can’t get past the truth. You can reinvent it. But you can’t avoid it. And why would you?

So don’t lie. And be aware of what consumers think -- the creators of this spot were clear about this.

You need to be straightforward, and really understand where your prospects are coming from. And address their skepticism directly. You might explain why your product or service is different from the norm, with specifics, not generalities — because the consumer “listening” out there is for bullshit. Which is the last thing you want to come out of a bovine, or any other source. Buyers want real meat. You get to those specifics by engaging in structured, holistic thinking about your product/service and it’s audience interests — and you should be walking away from the deli counter, or your strategic branding/marketing sessions, with fresh-cut thinking, clear product/service benefits, and sharp-edged content tools to help you cut though buyer skepticism. It’s a process which is vital for strong branding and marketing.

This spot does such a great job of establishing its all-natural brand…,

… by staying with a singular message for one 30-second spot…done brilliantly. Making fun of stuff that aint natural. Ultimately, the message is: (I don’t want chemical-infested meat), tell me the truth, is this all-natural?

Welcome to the deli...!

And just for fun, here's another from that series…


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