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Direct Mail Marketing is a powerful secret weapon — Unlock it's secrets right here!

Psssst! Direct Mail programs gain leads, conversions and sales at a much higher rate than email, banners, retargeting, or other online methods. It's the most powerful medium of Direct Marketing. Yes…Direct Mail. Many people have used it, and say it's not cost effective. Agreed… if you use it improperly!

David Ogilvy said Direct Mail is hsi secret weapon. Yep !

It's a discipline that takes time and money to learn, so it's often been the red-haired stepchild of ad agencies and companies, and marketers who like to show "glitzier" things in their portfolios like TV and web animation..

Few companies explore or master its tools. Those that do swear by it (good swearing!). And if you've explored "Direct" and it hasn't worked, it may be because — faceplant! — key fundamentals or nuance were missed. But is direct mail worth the investment? Does Direct mail really gain a strong ROI?

BURIED SECRET ALERT: Proof is most successful companies employ direct mail for strong ROI in their marketing.. Just ask digital kingpin Google... it's one of the world's heaviest users of direct mail! The check into almost any Fortune 500 company's promotional mix, and see if it isn't a profitable segment of their lead generation, brand-building, cross-selling, and more. No, it's not good for every company, or every program. That's why training and experience is critical to approaching this powerful beast.

So what's some secret perspective about Direct Mail Marketing? Glad you asked!


In fact, many survey results prove that direct mail…

  • conveys information and is easier to understand than online advertising… it uniquely has the recipients full attention at that moment

  • converts prospects to customers much faster

  • produces a stronger emotional response

  • has all kinds of killer techniques to help you build your brand… and sometimes get the sale in the same communication

  • gives you an infinite range of 2-D and 3-D formats to tell your story your way (more and bigger images, infinite folding formats, multi-pages, paper textures and finishing such as foil stamp and embossing, even scrent)…and create major impact. Done well, it can be incredibly creative and "glitzy"

  • it's more memorable -- it gives you more than double the recall

  • breaks through the media overload of the internet, and puts something physical — and credible — in the hands of your prospect

  • response rates are way higher than email and online

  • the best way to heat up C-Level and top executives, and cold or warm contacts? Go with on-target messaging via Dimensional mail (3-D boxes)... where the response rate goes way higher than regular direct mail, and breaks through the clutter big-time! (Plus, we have an additional Secret Weapon that we've developed that is so effective that we can't even tell you about it until we've working with you!)

  • is a key marketing component of the most successful companies in America.

We've produced strong results for a wide range of clients, and we have multiple certifications in Direct Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and more Our Chief Lightbulb, Joel Alpert, is multi-certified in this realm — with huge print and digital experience in email and direct mail, producing results for Fortune 500 and SMB companies.


And, yes, direct digital or print can — and should — be used in an integrated program, driving leads right onto online systems.

That integration of print and online media is absolutely the best ninja tool for marketers, getting your prospects and customers involved with your business on multiple channels! You reach them intrusuely… they respond interactively… and you get to craft your drip campaign or SQL program on stronger footing. If you've used Direct Response Marketing before, and it's only given you ho-hum results...there are lots of wires that might not have been hooked up right. It's time we connected, so you can energize your marketing!


More on Direct Mail Marketing, plus examples of our work.


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