Business Strategy defines

your business direction.

Moving upstream on the continuum of

Branding >Tactics > Marketing Communication

is Business Strategy. And the innovative approach you might want to consider is PowerPlanning.

We use

innovative consulting called "Structural Dynamics" in PowerPlanning 

and in all our strategic and tactical consulting


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I want to be strategic, but let's…

“Almost everyone is busy trying to get the wings to flap faster, rather than asking the questions that might begin to reveal the structural causes of their limitations.”

— Robert Fritz

The Path Of Least Resistance  

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The MarketPower Strategy/Branding/Marketing Continuum ®

PowerPlanning business strategy and consulting aligns a "continuum" of actions designed to address current issues, meet marketplace interests and move your business forward...

Why is taking a holistic view— on a "continuum" vital?


Because taking some steps, and not other key steps, may not be as effective. (For example, you have a strong lead generation program, but when prospects come back to visit your site, it falls short.) The analogy I like: "You can't cross a chasm in two leaps."


Our strategic consulting skills are not only used to develop business strategy that's more effective… but also for solving strategic issues, developing marketing plans, and a wide variety of consulting applications.


And because this strategic thinking is integrated, on a continuum, we can apply expert skills to execute a range of strategy, processes, branding and marketing communication... there is no disconnect on implementation! 

Whether you want the strategic program design only… or monthly support to put it out there professionally  (see the purple box)… our consulting is designed to benefit your business for the long run.

When you think about it...that integration can be a big deal for your company!


SWOT Analysis is trying to kill your business vision!    

Strategic Secret In Egg Drop Soup  What if... 

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