Strategic Planning tries to define your business direction — positioning… long-term goals… the big-picture plan… through detailed documents and documented processes in a 3-ring binder.

It's usually pro forma boilerplate babble.

It's usually received by executives, managers and employees with the
interest and thrill of a root canal interrupted by a power outage.

PowerBranding icon represents brand consultant's unique licensed process for developing brand identity quickly and brilliantly.


is a unique form of Business Strategy — a clear, understandable, do-able Strategic Action Plan which helps you and your team achieve your goals more efficiently. To energize your business.


We use

innovative consulting called "Structural Dynamics" in PowerPlanning 

and in all our strategic and tactical consulting



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Is there any other priority for you that's more important than an effective plan for growing your business?


Our Business Strategy is a Strategic Action Plan


It's an active working tool. 

You've got your time, money and spirit invested in your company — wouldn't you want to fully think through your strategic direction, company and product branding, processes, and sales/marketing plans, your customer experience…and make sure they're clear, consistent, and work well together?


Are you willing to invest a few intensive days together... to focus your business strategy, so you can transform the future of your organization?

You don't need "3-ring binder babble" that will sit on your shelf. No cut-and-paste "strategic planning" gibberish from Google. We’re not talking about most Strategic Planning or a pro forma Business Plan for bankers or investors with magic wand projections of earnings.


We're talking PowerPlanning — a powerful and unique process, merging the innovative strategic thinking of Robert Fritz Inc. and MarketPower.

PowerPlanning is the most comprehensive process on the Strategy-Branding Continuum  that examines all facets of your business strategy, tactics, marketing, customer experience, operations, how they work together, and more. It merges strategy, tactics, marketing management consulting, and a unique approach to critical thinking.


What business and marketplace factors affect your company's growth?

While every company is different — and yours will be different —  these factors tend to be vital:

  • How your products and services can fit most strongly into the marketplace, or can create a new market.

  • What's the current market all about, and is it changing?

  • How does your brand identity predispose prospects to engage and buy? 

  • How do people know about your business?

  • Why do they decide to work with your company? Have you made their customer experience a magnet or a mallet?

  • Are there products and services you want to develop, tweak or reinvent, to meet marketplace demands?

  • Are your sales and marketing presentations disjointed, or synergistic?

  • Do your business processes or people issues work for you…or against you?

And when you get a really clear picture of the pivotal factors in your business, and how they interact... we'll recommend a plan of action, and help you put it to work.



This breakthrough strategic business plan process has been developed by consulting innovators Robert Fritz, Inc., and merges with MarketPower’s award-winning branding and marketing expertise.


It's speedy fast…and  customized.

If you want to build a strong foundation for growth…you’ll want to start here.

Robert Fritz cartoon on long-term goals
I want to be strategic, but let's…

“Almost everyone is busy trying to get the wings to flap faster, rather than asking the questions that might begin to reveal the structural causes of their limitations.”

— Peter Senge

Writing about the difference Robert Fritz's consulting approach makes, in the Forward to "The Path Of Least Resistance For Managers." 


Author of The Fifth Discipline …innovator in the field of Systems Theory… and former partner with Robert Fritz in Innovation Associates

Moving upstream on the continuum of

Branding >Tactics > Marketing Communication

is Business Strategy.


And the innovative approach you might want to consider is PowerPlanning.

Structural Tension Charting Levels - SIL

The Secret Power Of The Rubber Band!


When asked about "my favorite book" during an online interview with Mohammad Bashir, I noted a key principal from this breakthrough thinking: Structural Tension. This describes how to navigate the path you can take to achieve your goals.



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Your Steady



Want to gain critical business momentum with our monthly support?


We 'll set up a customized program that can give you the power source you need —tactics, marketing communication, social media, executive coaching and accountability, production support… whatever you need, we'll support you with high-level skills. 

Just let us know you want to energize your business for the long haul, and we'll engineer your backup power.

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PowerBranding icon represents brand consultant's unique licensed process for developing brand identity quickly and brilliantly.

Why you should tap

The MarketPower


Continuum ®

PowerPlanning business strategy, PowerBranding, and our award-winning targeted marketing communications and  consulting aligns a "continuum" of actions designed to address current issues, meet marketplace interests and move your business forward...

Why is taking a holistic view— on a "continuum" — so vital?


Because taking some steps, and not other key steps, may not be as effective. For example, you have a strong lead generation program, but when prospects come back to visit your site, your branding falls short, and your competitors "eat your lunch." The analogy I like: "You can't cross a chasm in two leaps."


Our strategic consulting skills are not only used to develop business strategy that's more effective… but also for solving strategic issues, developing marketing plans, and a wide variety of consulting applications… from a vesing question of relocating your offices, to a gnarly employee issue.


And because this strategic thinking is integrated, on a continuum, we can apply expert skills to execute a range of strategy, processes, branding and marketing communication... there is no disconnect on implementation! 

Whether you want the strategic program design only… or monthly support to put out your branding and marketing professionally  (see the purple box)… our programs are designed to benefit your business for the long run.

When you think about it...that integration can be a big deal for your company!

> Strategic Thinking/Team-Coaching >
> Product/Service Enhancement >
   > Branding & User Experience >
     > Website & Marketing Tools >
       > Build Sales Team/Ambassadors >
         > Targeted Direct Mail & Email >
           > Social/Content/Lead Gen >
             > Referrals/Retention/Acceleration >
Wait, wait…

You ask "What if we want guidance and support for the bigger picture… or we want you guys to do most of the heavy lifting for us…or want ongoing guidance and support?"

Then you'll want to know about The MarketPower Continuum.

The MarketPower... what?

SWOT Analysis is trying to kill your business vision!    

Strategic Secret In Egg Drop Soup  What if... 


Want to take the business babble a whole lot less seriously?


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