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…positioning… your markets and offerings…  long-term goals… the big-picture plan… 

BUT it's usually pro forma boilerplate babble!  

It's often received by executives, managers & employees with the interest and thrill of a root canal interrupted by a power outage.

TRAFFIC  Sign says "Slow Down" to refer to strategic planning

is way different strategic planning, that develops true insight. With a clear action plan everyone understands. Guiding your team straight to your business goals.

PowerPlanning icon


This innovative and powerful form of Strategic Planning brings you insightful and objective analysis… integrates thinking and processes, so there are fewer "disconnects"… and helps develop a do-able Strategic Action Plan to produce the results you want.

We use 

innovative consulting thinking called "Structural Dynamics"
in PowerPlanning 

and in all our strategic and tactical thinking

PowerPlanning PROCESS outline, showing major steos in our highly-objective process for strategic planning and tactical consulting


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PowerPlanning graphic, representing the results f the strategic planning process, with specific  business outcome of this strategic approach

Is there any other priority for you that's more important than maintaining and growing your business, and making it work efficiently?

You've got your time, money and spirit invested in your company — wouldn't you want to fully think through your strategic direction, company and product branding, processes, and sales/marketing plans, your customer experience…and make sure they're clear, consistent, and work well together?

So you wouldn't want to do a strategic program — putting team effort into vision and plan — without making it clear and transparent to execute. Without "the plan" sitting on a shelf to reference… again next year when you do "strategic planning" again. 

PowerPlanning is different.

It's clear and straightforward.

Understandable by the team.

Transparent, Accountable, and Do-Able.

Strategic Planning don't get no better than that!

• • •

This level-up Strategic Action Plan, is actually designed — in it's approach and format — to help you produce short-term and long-term results!

It's not designed to sit on your shelf, it's an active working tool that keeps your goals, and your current status for each goal in clear focus.

• • •

Are you willing to transform the future of your organization... to focus your business strategy, so you can grow business with clarity, efficiency, and participation of your team?

No "3-ring binder babble." No cut-and-paste "strategic planning" gibberish from Google. Not a Business Plan for bankers or investors with magic wand projections of earnings. Nothing pro forma.

PowerPlanning is a unique process — merging the innovative strategic thinking approach of Robert Fritz Inc. …with the experience and award-winning work of MarketPower.


And it's empowered by a special resource you already have in your company, that we can use to greater advantage — your team, and their real thinking!

PowerPlanning is the most comprehensive process on the Strategy-Branding Continuum that examines all facets of your business strategy, tactics, marketing, customer experience, operations, how they work together, and more. It merges strategy, tactics, marketing management consulting… it's a unique approach to critical thinking.


And it tends to transform teams from "surviving" a painful waste-of-time pro forma process… into "Hey, this is really good, I've got some good ideas to share…"


What business and marketplace factors do we explore in our strategic planning process which affect your company's growth? 

Every company is different… which of these key factors are primary for your company now? How do your products and services fit most strongly into the marketplace (or can create a new market)? What's the current market all about, and is it changing? How does your brand identity predispose prospects to engage and buy from your company?  How do people know about your business? Why do they decide to work with your company? Have you made their customer experience a magnet or a mallet? Are there products and services you want to develop, tweak or reinvent — or should — to meet marketplace demands? Are your sales and marketing presentations disjointed, or synergistic? Do they integrate with your business strategy and branding? Do your business processes or people issues work for you…or against you? What else do we need to evaluate and take action on — recruiting, logistics, location(s), team issues, recurring or pressing issues… When we get a really clear picture of the pivotal factors in your business, and how they interact... we'll recommend a plan of action, and help you put it to work. • • • • • • •   FYI This breakthrough strategic business plan process has been developed by consulting innovators Robert Fritz, Inc., and merges with MarketPower’s award-winning branding and marketing expertise.   It's speedy fast…and  customized. We can tell you more about this remarkable innovative process. If you want to build the strongest foundation for growth…you’ll want to start here.

Robert Fritz cartoon on long-term goals
Your Direction
flapping wing on a man, explaining that people are trying harder instead of thinking smarter

“Almost everyone is busy trying to get the wings to flap faster, rather than asking the questions that might begin to reveal the structural causes of their limitations.”

.— Peter Senge, from the Forward to "The Path Of Least Resistance For Managers.," about the difference in Robert Fritz's consulting approach,


Author of The Fifth Discipline …innovator in the field of Systems Theory… and former partner with Robert Fritz in Innovation Associates


Brand development process outline is an overvie of our unique brand devlopemn process, based on the work of MarketPower and Robert Fritz, Inc.

 Our process is customized to your interests and next steps.


(you've never done anything like PowerBranding!)


​of your custom plan may include…

PowerBranding deliverables can be customized to youer interests and needs -- they can include company nae, logo, taglie, website redesign, collateal materials, video, presenations, brand marketing, and more.

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Click Me!

Joel Alpert in front of large safe door, inviting reader to click and explore the secrets behind our innovative strategic thinking


Want to unlock some of the
behind our innovative strategic thinking?

Strategic Secrets


image of consultant and client engaging in strtaegic coaching session, with NYC subway map in background

Want your business support to be integrated across a range of functions? Want to see components of your business work well together?

Once your strategic Acton PLan is mapped, you' may like steady support over a "continuum" of business issues. Soyou might want to check out the MarKetPower Continuum.


It's a like a Fractional CMO —  with the addition of multiples skillsets and resources —  strategic thinking, branding, and integrating business processes, targeted marketing, cross-selling, and more. Always customized to fit your interests.

If you'd like us to support you and the programs we'll do together on a personal coaching level, and tap the expertise we use to develop these programs for you, you 'll want to know about PowerCoaching

> Strategic Thinking/Team-Coaching >

> Product/Service Enhancement >

   > Branding & User Experience >

     > Website & Marketing Tools >

       > Build Sales Team/Ambassadors >

         > Targeted Direct Mail & Email >

           > Social/Content/Lead Gen >

             > Referrals/Retention/Acceleration >

Wait, wait…

You ask "What if we want guidance and support for the bigger picture… or we want you guys to do most of the heavy lifting for us…or want ongoing guidance and support?"

Then you'll want to know about The MarketPower Continuum.

The MarketPower... what?

The Continuum
Strategy Blogs

Grab a cup of MarketPower

MarketPower coffee Mug with our lightbulb icon

30-Minute Complimentary Consult. IRL or virtual.

What do you want to create or tweak?

Empowered Branding?

Stronger Marketing Communication?​

Effective Direct Response Campaigns?

Presentation or Special Project?

Guaranteed, when we talk, even defining and outlining key components of your business, or steps we might take, will provide you with high value.

Want to talk?

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