Atlanta Business Consulting shows off case studies and success stories
success stories and case studies presented by d Atlanta Business Consultant

Mini Case Studies:

Some quick little stories about our big-picture consulting impact

Our work includes pivotal consulting that helps you focus, tweak or reinvent… so you can gain more value from your company's products and services. 

Here are some of those examples, working with large and small companies




IBM/CD Group


IBM hired  "two and a half" agencies to develop the product launch of their new ecommerce middleware... but was frustrated because their launch kept falling flat… 

MarketPower to the rescue! And it really needed rescuing, because the selling points were "off"...and boring.


We created an engaging rebranding and highly-targeted marketing approach that stressed key selling points, delivered by a high-impact 3-part, 3-D direct response mail campaign, and webinar. (The marketing campaign took off with a rocket ship (on a rocket ship)...take a look, if you like.


We increased raw leads by 77%, and increased the percentage of qualified “suspects” in this bigger universe from 17% to 38%. While market for this middleware was limited, our targeted approach got this reaction from the IBM team:  "Finally…one of our faster, more successful product rollouts!" 


Canada Life

Sales and marketing of this international firm weren't working well together, caused by near-adversarial internal communication, fuzzy branding, and ineffective marketing.

CL logo + tag.png

We pick the action with a movie line, and a course of action, from "Cool Hand  Luke, determining that: "What we've got here is failure to communicate." We got the silo's to say howdy. The frank sales and marketing strategic "summit" discussions we facilitated were called "the most productive meetings we've had in 8 years."


From there, we figured out what was needed -- and produced a company brand refresh, a series of "products refresh" to clarify product benefits and communicate them more effectively, sales incentive program for brokers, and targeted corporate marketing.


MarketPower enabled Canada Life to compete successfully with Unum, the #1 industry leader, and increased broker participation by 31%. (Additional percentage increases and profitability is protected by client confidentiality agreement.) 


Macbeth Williams Teleconsulting


A small telecomm hardware firm was having a tough time competing against much larger companies. And the truth is, that had some really strong techies, sales reps, and account people. They just weren't gaining interest with their marketing.

We helped the client rethink the value and impact of their services and presented it to their marketplace.


We did a full rebrand, with name, logo, tagline, collateral, and targeted marketing program...and In just 4 months they gained  their first series of international contracts, and started a four-year company expansion. They — literally — were doing some serious partying in Rio.


Super Signs Super Fast


"Signs In A Day" wasn't getting as much business as competitors. The positionng of its name...was not. what the market expected. Profitable products and markets weren't identified in marketing. Retail operations were inefficient and too costly.. 

Yikes...the old name reflected slower service that the market expected. And this company had better designers doing stronger signage than their competitors.


We rebranded with company name. logo. tagline to reflect the product offering with the new branding, which included the tagline — "We make business look good." We flagged the far more profitable business market, and increased sales in that segment by 18% within 5 months, when we stopped keeping track. 


We also addressed the consumer market — conceived and produced a visual customer-driven order intake system, which enabled an efficient and enjoyable customer experience.. This resulted in an increased retail sales by 14% over 5 months.


And the new processes we developed brought the company a saving of almost 40% of wasted employee overhead costs for business and consumer markets.



GYPSI_Logo-Tag copy.png

Four small ad agencies tried to brand and launch this unique Location=Based Service startup, but none of those efforts kept Gypsi from wandering aimlessly...


We moved this app past a Go/No decision...identified new product features and marketized them. Working strategically with targeted segments, we developed all strategy, branding and marketing… pricing model...


We reconceived the sales model to distributor-style... helped develop the first commercial white-label product and sale… and presented to investors in person and online all over the country., enabling a series of private contract sales.


Sandra K. Meltzer & Associates


The experts in insurance compliance consulting were struggling to keep the doors open after 20+ years, with less than 6 months of working capital and lost business momentum in a changing marketplace.

Our happy client will tell you — we pulled this firm from the brink. We gutted old thinking and articulated true expertise, through PowerPlanning strategic action plan (business strategy) and major ReBrand.


Once we had our foundation built, we developed targeted marketing programs, trade show marketing... developed a new product (see next example)… and  re-energized this firm for over 10 years of growth and enhanced profitability.


Sandra K.Meltzer & Associates


This same firm provided excellent customer service into early evening hours, with status updates by phone for a complex matrix of developing products. But there was an unseen opportunity.


The company's work was great, but not quite as accessible to busy clients as they might like. We recommended making internal processes readily available to clients, and making it easier on company consultants, by converting project management systems into 24/7 real-time status dashboard online.


We brought in developers for the back-end and maaned that process, worked on graphics and user interface.... and wound up creating a disruptive service in their marketplace that helped re-energize the company. Program helped draw 30% of new business with this differentiation.


[ Confidential Company ] 


A local home contracting company was having difficulty competing against larger companies, and was not gaining enough new customers, and not making the profits they wanted.

We analyzed their business to determine the annual sales and profitability of each of their products, and persuaded to drop half of their offerings, which were not profitable enough, or were too time consuming. We focused on services where they excelled, with more profit, and recommended a targeted networking approach featuring revised product line. In one year, business was up by 18%, in the second year it was up even further — 26% over baseline.


Kidush Foundation


A non-profit providing educational support to kids in hospitals, knew it needed brand development. And was also about to make a major investment in a call center to enhance their service.

After consulting and brand refresh, we advised dropping plans for the call center. We reasoned that the kids were transient, with schedules disrupted by diagnostics and treatments, so an online on-demand system, would be better.. VR technology was added, This "service delivery revolution" resulted in "a significant expansion of our operation and fundraising within just a few months.




Major utility conglomerate couldn't get an effective direct response marketing program set up within their marketing department, to contact their customers. So they hired the "big guns."


Working with Direct Response Marketing industry icons Bob Stone and Martin Baier, we analyzed the organization and marketing approach of this major conglomerate. We reengineered the objectives, function, and structure of the budding department, and provided a series of mini-workshops and coaching, helping them move from "untenable" becoming a growing multi-million-dollar profit center within 10 months.


[ Confidential Company ] 


An accounting firm had a vexing problem with confidential client paperwork flow during tax season, Various documents had to be reviewed  and circulated, and were spread across desks in the administrative department located in the reception area,


The client gave us carte blanche. We designed a "time/motion" logistics system that kept all confidentiaL while allowing for fast access to "files in progress" - it was  called "simple and ingenious,conceived and completed in two days, boosting efficiency during their critical season "by a third or more."

Hotel Chain Takes Flight...Fast!


Best Western and American Airlines wanted to join forces with their Frequency Marketing Programs. The partnering ad agency brought us in, overwhelmed due to employee losses -- they needed a trustworthy, skilled agency consultant/partner to "run with it."


We worked on developing launch strategy, full creative concept and content, and tight production schedule and management.


Deliverables included detailed Front Desk Guide manual, and a wide range of promotional materials and premiums -- inflatable airplanes to banners to tabletop displays. In just 45 very long days.




Avenge, a specialized American Cyanamid herbicide, was about to be phased-out, it just wasn't meeting sales projections — but two product managers thought it had potential, and asked for a last-ditch attempt to save the product.

We studied their market and how they used our herbicide — who knew we would become wheat farming experts?!


While some inthe cmpany thought a slgihtly wider georgraphic approach would helpo gian sales, we thought the product needed a narrower geographic focus and messaging to those targeted needed would be valuable. We did that, plus brand refresh, integrated tactics, impactful p.o.p. advertising, billboards, and a targeted direct response marketing campaign.


This "newly-acquired farming expertise" of ours saved the product from phaseout, delivering a "stunning 29% increase in market share"... in just one season.

 What are you dealing with now, that should be getting greater impact... or that's draining your energy and efficiency...what results would you like to create? 


Mini Case Studies

Response-Oriented Marketing Campaigns


Email, direct mail, and social media marketing campaigns can be measured, if you have good systems in place, and after a while we can roughly predict results.


Here are a few examples of the results of our strategic and creative approaches in our marketing campaigns…

  • Kimberly-Clark — Conceived and produced integrated advertising, with double-truck and single-page ads, advertorials, direct mail,email,  billing inserts, and press releases, for an asbestos removal garment that turned a hoped-for 5% increase in sales into a 19% increase, with a 39% increase in product name recognition. 

  • Physician Sourcing & Search — Developed series of powerful lead generation programs at a physician search firm with strong offers and reengineered marketing communications that increased net revenues by 18% within 5 months.

  • Verizon/AirTouch — Developed unconventional tactics, offer and creative execution that achieved what the client called a “jaw-dropping” 34% response, for a customer retention program aimed at heavy-user customer segment.

  • Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund — Produced a “phenomenal” 37% response rate within first two weeks on a membership renewal program for a professional attorneys association.


  • Erdas/Leica Software — Conceived and produced integrated promotions for geographical mapping software company, via educational seminars and annual conference, increasing cross-sell leads for previously-marketed services by 23% over 8 months.

  • HomeVestors — Developed marketing input sessions, tactics, and direct marketing creative tests for a major real estate operation that increased lead response over the control package by 55% on the first mailing.

  • Dataman — Delivered 300% increase in response for national database company on targeted marketing program attributed solely to creative execution.

  • American Marketing Association — Co-conceived, co-produced, branded and and marketed a cutting-edge interactive marketing exposition for a marketing trade association. Redeveloped the content and focus of this major event to meet the interests of the target audience  turning a first-year projected loss of $8,000 into a profit of $14,000, and making it “the most successful-ever event, in terms of program, attendance and profits.”


A unique and powerful strategic approach to brand identity and development that will energize your business!

Re-Brand?  Brand Refresh? 

What's the difference? 

Does it matter? 


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